Youth Corner: Channelling Youth Power for Nation Building

Youth Corner: Channelling Youth Power for Nation Building

Source:Brisbane 4EB Sri Lankan Newsletter – Dæhæna – August 2021

Generation to generation, we are constantly learning from the victories and shortcomings of those who precede us in an effort to continually enhance life. In fact, nation building has always been a true team effort from the whole of humanity, as it is always the previous generations who provide the opportunities and tools that allow for the next generations to flourish. However, today we will focus specifically on the magic of youth power in creating a better world for everyone.

Throughout history, from student-led prodemocracy protests in Tiananmen Square or Malala Yousafzai’s brave calls for female education, youth power has ignited social reform all over the world. Passion, creativity and the ability to think outside the box are some of the qualities of youth populations that make them such a force for change. In particular, the youth of today have harnessed the power of social media to create social change. Faster than ever before, information can be shared through various online platforms, allowing for increased awareness over current events and important topics such as mental health. In fact, Sinhala Association Queensland Youth (SAQY) group, which we (Kithmi & Sachini) are active members of, plan to use social media to bring about positive change in the Sri Lankan youth community. We aim to create a podcast to speak about relevant topics such as cultural belonging and careers, hopefully having guest speakers from the community to share their own stories. In this way, we hope to contribute to a stronger, closer come.

For a nation’s youth to be able to create such change, they must be given all the opportunities and support possible to ensure that they
reach their maximum potential. Some individuals’ talent and potential may be suppressed due to factors such as gender, economic and racial inequality. In order to minimize the effect of such inequalities, opportunities must be made available in every field for those who
deserve them in order for youth to actually channel their maximum potential and create change in positions of power. Additionally, providing education and adequate employment opportunities for the young generation is one of the major ways of battling poverty in a
country, as all of these factors have a ripple effect on each other. he younger generations are the future, offering their unique perspectives and creative spirits, both in social reform and the workforce. Their role in nation building will continue to build off the legacies of previous generations. 

Kithmi Weerawardhane and Sachnini Naranpanawa

kithmiKithmi is following a Bachelor of Commerce at University of Queensland. She enjoys reading books, swimming, getting involved in community related activities, and playing with her dog Blaze.

Sachini is following a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at University of Queensland. She is an animal and nature lover. She enjoys baking, writing, learning about the world and saying yes to broaden her horizons.

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