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Sunil-ThenabaduIn society today, it is very difficult to locate a girl who possess vast beauty, a singing voice, and the skill to sing. To find an individual possessing all these traits is rather problematic and rare. Those who are pretty with perfect features but are devoid of a singing voice. Some do possess beauty and a good voice do not possess talent for singing.There are some who possess all these characteristics but do have the blessings which are vital to be well known.However Yomasha  Chavindi Silva is a unique girl, who possess all these requisites. Yomasha has  perfect features like facial and figure ,a singing voice and talent for vocals also the vital zone of luck.

“I am still twenty years old had sat for the advanced level examination in the science stream with a gigantic intention and dream of entering medical college to become a doctor is awaiting results to be released .I entered to a ‘Avuru Kumari’ contest of a renowned television channel was adjudicated among the final twelve among about ten thousand who participated in a gruelling contest.”  She had received so much from this contest,gifts and many opportunities to be exposed to the public.

Yomasha had commented that she had luck.She had burst into the singing arena by sheer quirk though she never had an intention of becoming a reputed singer.Her younger brother Pahan Tharusha with abundant talent in singing had participated in many concerts which Yomasha too had attended. He had been in the field of music for nearly seven years ,for which Yomasha too had gone to witness had developed a passion.Many people had inquired why Yomasha is not interested as she too should have hereditary affiliations with innate talent too.Then she too had got instigated to sing and followed brother’s footsteps. In this manner she had appeared and performed on stages island wide winning applauses of many audiences. Thereafter Yumasha had trained herself to be more skilled as it was essential for any vocalist to dominate. She is now following Visharada music degree to enhance her talent.

Speaking to the media Yomasha has added her ambition is to imitate to become a Shashika Nissansala.She loves not only her style of singing but also her simplicity, dress code and her mannerism. Though she is not imitating Shashika some have inquired whether she is following Shashika.Yomasha had lamented that she does not imitate Shashika but performs and sings in her own inimitable style.She has claimed there are so many paths to follow in music ,she has selected her own path. Then only one could be happy by looking at the path to stardom.Yomasha had said it is very difficult to become a star unless one has her or his own songs.She has already launched two of her own songs with high level lyrics and music compositions. The first was “Dedeunnak Payala”, the second was “Ess Belmak’.Both songs she had added that has had a huge responses, believes when her next song is launched there would be vaster response.

Though Yumasha is an accomplished vocalist there is also an actress within her. This fact was revealed during a media interview .For acting too invitations are pouring in for her.As she is more involved in her musical concerts some invitations had slipped away owing to the time constraint. She had on invitation portrayed a  main role in “Pipuna Kusuma” a unilateral tele drama to be telecast soon.When inquired about the feeling of ‘love’,she had added it is a very pleasant  perception for any person.It would be so only if the proper partner is met.In the alternative the  life would be a misery. She had lamented it is not just for a day or two but for the entire life until death.In that context all should be very cautious. She of course is very focussed on that subject. Yumasha had said  should not have a solitary dream should have focus on many.She is dreaming of becoming a doctor would endeavour hard to achieve her dream, also as a vocalist anticipate to rise to tall unprecedented hieghts.She prefers her to called the ”Singing Doctor” when she would feel elated.When questioned how a popular person should behave she had said should be a bit proud but should not possess egotism which is ugly.

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