Yearning – by Noor Rahim

Yearning – by Noor Rahim

Yearning – by Noor Rahim


NOOR R. RAHIMThe word “yearning” means: “eager to fulfill a desire”; “filled with a desire”; “longing for” or simply “craving” as per the common definitions in any dictionary.

In life we are constantly confronted with our “yearnings” or cravings; be it for materialistic requirements and wants; or for our spiritual needs/guidance. Yet with some resorting to spiritual favours (for fulfillment of cravings for ones needs/ requirements) in order to fulfill their materialistic desires.

Apart from such above desires; we in the very North or should I say “Top of the World” have a definitive “craving”, working in our innermost sub conscience, when we confront the God given phenomena of the 4 well defined seasons that rules our very lives. That of Summer; Autumn; Winter; and Fall.

We “weather the storm” so to say year in and year out, bravely and meaningfully; with some enjoying and yet others complaining to themselves and to others at some of the discomforts that may confront them. That’s the nature of the beast and needless to say is what governs us in a periodic manner and within a virtual calendar year.

It is under situations as such that the word “yearning” gives it full, valid and meaningful sense to the word. Come summer, we humans enjoy the heat and the long drawn daytime. To some this is the jackpot and you see them basking in the sun in skimpy clothes & sunglasses; and to others it is a time for fun and frolic with many outdoor activities. But to others who deem it too hot; their recourse would be to “yearn” for cooler weather. The Good Lord obliges with the advent of autumn; and also gladdens the hearts of those who “yearn” to see Natures kaleidoscopic changes of foliage colours that covers a vivid spectrum of eye pleasing scenery.

The season of autumn does dawn on us with cooler air and pretty surroundings with a penalty of slightly shorter daylight hours; but is more than compensated by Mother Nature’s gift of technicolour’s. You don light clothing and meander around enjoying the colours and watching the insects, birds and small critters flying/ running hither and tither – busy collecting material for their nests and food to be stored; for they know that winter is around and they should prepare for it. Of course you’ll see the big bird populations’ decrease as they fly off to warmer climes. So do the snowbird population of humans who “yearn” to seek lands with warmer temperatures. Very soon the leaves fall off leaving only trunks and stems sans the foliage; the days get cooler and colder by the day.

To keep you from being reminded of the advent of winter we see all the commercial advertisement and the soothing and enticing music that heralds the month of the Nativity and the dawn of a New Year. How you “yearn” for a “White Christmas” and the many shopping deals keep your mind in the “yearning” mode. This will lull you into bearing up the inconvenience of the vagaries of winter – the cold; the slush and the confinement to your home/place of work. When the last vestige of celebration is over; and the New Year has dawned; you go back to the drawing board and “yearn” so much for warmer weather and longer daylight too – don’t you? This would be the ‘zenith” of your “yearning” during Nature’s cycle of seasons.

It does take a few months more before you see the season you “yearned” for ever, so eagerly. You see the slight warming of the atmosphere; the lengthening of the daylight hours. But the Birds, the bees and little critters are still to come out of their hibernation. You see the green grass at long last and now you “yearn” to see the budding of the tree leaves and the flowering of the garden plants. These will surely emanate/emerge from their sleep; to fulfill your “yearning”. At long last you see your neighbours out in the yard – even though it is only to say Hi & Bye or the customary salutation of a “Good Morning”; the whirring noise of the lawn mowers bringing you to your senses that spring has sprung.

So Dear Readers; your “yearning” is surely answered by the Good Lord; when He thrust the 4 seasons on us. It also makes the year go by so quickly when we “yearn” from one season to another. Some call the present age the “Jet Age” but in my opinion it is the 4 seasons of “yearning” that makes the days fly by – the “yearning” of the next day being a better one than the day, today. I leave you with these thoughts of mine. Just go ahead and enjoy the Good Lord’s gift of life with gusto and aplomb.

Noor Rahim

26 March 2017.

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