Why Don’t You Pause a Moment – To Stand & Stare, With Me? – By Noor Rahim

Why Don’t You Pause a Moment – To Stand & Stare, With Me? – By Noor Rahim

Why Don’t You Pause a Moment – To Stand & Stare, With Me? – By Noor Rahim


NOOR R. RAHIMPlease do give a few moments of your precious time; and join me as I stand and stare, at Mother Natures’ Wonders – just for the asking and absolutely free of costs or encumbrances.

Yes, one does understand that one’s life is so full of tasks, arduous and onerous, that one needs to undertake and complete, in a World that deems it so, for ones’ livelihood and family commitments – though at times these commitments are confined to the immediate family circles. Hence, time is of the essence and one does not have a spare moment to “Stand & Stare” – perhaps only at the two-legged gentry that may pass your way. All else being of little or no value; unless of course it is to one’s advantage and future utilization – as a reference of course.

Being retired, of course, has its’ advantages undoubtedly, but the concept of “Spirit is willing; but the rest of the body does not” rolls into ones’ life. But one has to adapt to the old saying of – “Mind over matter” and you shall overcome the obstacle albeit by usage of “Medical Advice & Technology”. In lighter vein, on a visit to the Medical Clinic and at the reception did the Nurse ask – “What’s your problem, Sir?” The response was “My knee hurts and there does not appear to be spare parts available for my vintage model”. We had a good laugh; as this is one area other than the many parts of the human body that cannot be easily or readily replaced. So, “one just has to live with it” to the tune of “Grin & Bear”, is the synopsis. However, one’s faculty of thinking will surely find a way of keeping the mind & souls together; and this is where the concept of “Stand & Stare” kicks in.

For as one sits in the porch or goes around on a constitutional little walk, one does find the time to “Stand & Stare” and amaze at the surroundings, which hitherto was only a cursory glance, at the most. Yes, one sure was, and is, so tunnel-sighted to remain shackled & enslaved into one’s career or business that one did treat the surrounds as trivial; and of no consequence. Except of course the entrepreneurs and industrialists who raped the land for the minerals off the Earth and the timber, by unwanton felling of the trees in the Forrest. Thus, did the destruction of the ecological get destroyed and still the practice continues unabated. An act that has create so much of ecological & environmental catastrophe, including the detrimental weather phenomena, around our Living Earth/World – all in the name of “Economic Progress for a Nation’s Betterment”; but is it not the same as the old saying of “Killing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg”?  One only begins to realise what one missed in decades of ones’ bygone life style. But fret not; as it is not too late to catch up on the lost time; for “where there is life, there is a way”. So, mull over these debacles as you sit quietly, sipping a soda/beer or tea and gazing away at the skies & environment or “Stand & Stare”.

The most amazing experience is when you don your track pants and shoes; and embark on a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood with the assistance of a cane and/or accompanied by a friend or family member. The walk becomes exhilarating and so meaningful and relaxing; especially when you have company and exchange tid-bits between yourself in the exchange of your experiences and current affairs; whilst imbibing on the flora & fauna that Mother Nature has provided us all, in abundance, that really exhilarates one’s appreciation of the passed opportunities; that evaded your attention in the past decades. It is of course a very cursory “Stand & Stare” situation as you do not really soak-in the scenario and save it in your own memory bank. In other words one could or might as well call it “self-satisfaction”. But a humble suggestion would be to possess a small camera on one’s jaunt. The “Stand & Stare” becomes an experience so vivid, as you spend more time viewing the subject on your view-finder and soak in the splendor and captivating beauty of the subject. More rewarding is the fact that would wish to share your joy with family & friends and whomsoever that follows your tales as you journey merrily along with self-contented achievement and a sense of “Mission Accomplished.

Thus dear learned Readers is my experience and lesson on “Stand & Stare”; a lesson that anyone can impart if he just spends a few moments of his/her busy life to get the real meaning of a life of – “Born Free & Live Free” and to experience and share your joys with others; and in doing so spread an education of “Love Mother Earth” among human beings. Alas! In retrospect one can only look back and think of what one has missed in one’s life in the past few decades; with the thought of – “IF I had only realised this earlier on, what joys would I have passed on; without any cost or minimal costs”. Wouldn’t you agree me with that it may have contributed to better cohesiveness and appreciation of Mother Nature, among our fellow humans; that no money would have brought.

Thank you very much for reading the ranting of an old man; and in ending I would say – “Nothing Ventured; Nothing Won”. So do join me in my concept of “Stand & Stare”; and share your prowess, creativity and sense of love for Mother Nature with kith & kin and friends; and others with similar feelings in spreading joy & love among all.

Why Don’t You Pause a Moment – To Stand & Stare, With Me? – By Noor Rahim

Noor Rahim

June 22 2022 

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