“WHERE TO” ??? – by Des Kelly

“WHERE TO” ??? – by Des Kelly


It seems that Joe Paiva wants to get us all ‘down to basics’, thereby forwarding this video-message from this dapper gentleman and his good looking woman partner who, strange as it seems, does not say a word. Another new ‘platform’

coming from grandfather clocks around the world, that very simply go “Tic-Toc” (abbreviated American

version of what should read Tick-Tock)in English.

Everything said & done, I do not believe that 100% of what is said, is true. Listening to this guy & his Clock, I guess 90% could be correct

Take Elvis Presley, as a shining example. The years may come & go

but his NAME will NEVER die.

While 90% of us will be born, live & die, sadly to be forgotten as time goes by, SOME people, such as Elvis, other top Showbiz Characters

and even (unhappily), certain scum-bags, will remain in memory, especially because of what they have DONE, while they lived. Also, presently, because  of this recent ‘fad’ of DNA findings, books that have been written about them etcetera., I reckon at least 10% will never ever be forgotten. Good or bad, happy or sad, as the case may be, this is my final answer to the question “WHERE TO” ??.


Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka. 


Final Count Down

With much reluctance.

I pass this message.

Fear not the valley mortality.

 Everything in humanity is temporary, transient, a passage of time. 

We are travellers on a journey.   We are transiting via planet earth to a distant galaxy.

Our physical remains evolves into top soil in time.


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