WHAT A DAY – WHAT A WEEK. – By Noor R. Rahim

WHAT A DAY – WHAT A WEEK. – By Noor R. Rahim

(The Trials, Tribulations & Rewards in a Workers’ Life.)

WHAT A DAY – WHAT A WEEK. – By Noor R. Rahim



You start off the week on a Monday

Bleary-eyed and wary – not knowing what ahead doth lay

Gosh! The telephone, facsimiles, problems and queries vex you – don’t they?

But undaunted, you surmount these all the way


The rest of the week is all the same and they stay

Except the second Thursday of the month, when you get your pay

But the money does not last – the way you wish it would stay

Always looking forward to the Friday eve – to anchors aweigh


Straight home or to the bar to vent your cares away

Reminisce on the past and be able to say

I haven’t done or said something – that would rue my day

Heck! Its’ the start of my weekend and let not my mind go astray


The time is mine and let the office problems just blow away

It’s Sunday night and the awful feeling that work is a few hours away

The cycle shall continue – as is always the way

The objective to stay calm and collected shall always be the rule of the day


Noor R. Rahim

Jan 1999

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