Sunil ThenabaduVisharada Jagath Wickramasinghe was born on 10 April 1966 in Kolonnawa. His father L.K Jinadasa Wickramasinghe and mother Aryawathi Chandralatha who were both were competent music teachers. Hence it was natural for Jagath to have inherited music affiliations from the parent duo in addition to have had innate music skills.His parents were largely involved with many of musical programs in Sri Lanka. Therefore, he used to practice, sing and play whatever his parents did during their rehearsals. It is during those days his potential for singing and playing instruments were discovered by his parents. 

In 1972, he was studying at Ashoka Kanishta Vidyalaya, Maradana and after triumphing  the grade 5 scholarship examination, he attended Ananda College studied up to grade 10. Then he had to enter Anuradhapura Central College as his parents had got an unexpected transfers to Anuradhapura. In the school, he was engineering oriented had studied in the mathematics stream for G.C.E A/Ls. Later on he had followed a civil engineering course at the State Engineering Corporation to be specialized in building construction.But later opted to follow music as he was well versed . 

Jagath enhanced his music knowledge following Sangeeth Visharada Part two and Diploma in music in vocal, Bathkande institute of music, Lucknow, India. As well, he did Prathama Examination Music ,Instrumental Tabla, at Bathkande institute of music. He was also a student of western music Trinity College of London. 

In the year 2000, he  tied the nuptial knot with Gayani Kohona from Matale a graduate teacher through a proposal made by Jagath’s brother in law known to Gayani’s family.It is reported that due to the busy musical life of Jagath the wedding had taken place in a mighty hurry .In fact the duo had met only thrice before the wedding. The duo is blessed with a son Thidas, two daughters Srini Suhansa and Asini Ashchariya. 


During early in the 1990 decade  with his music aptitude had applied to the music section of the  Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation  .With his knowledge and aptitude Jagath was selected as a music producer to the music section. As he was already competent in playing many music instruments his ability became useful  for music programs,  was able to compose his own compositions in music.To Jagath recording and composing is rather easy as he is equipped with his own recording studio at his residence in Maharagama.  He made many contributions with new creations with experience and exposure as a young talented musician. Then he worked as a visiting lecturer of university of visual and performing arts as a lecturer in oriental and western music. Simultaneously he performed as a visiting lecturer in the music department of the national youth services council in Maharagama after leaving SLBC in year 1991. 

From 1983 to 1985 he performed as a music consultant of “Sarvodaya Organization” and since 1982 to up to now he is performing as a teacher with having experience in music. Since 1991 up to date, he had toured to around 40 countries performing there as a vocalist, instrumentalist and a director of music. Jagath took a special care to promote our music and culture in foreign countries. His first solo song is Ran Tharakavan composed by himself. 

In 1990, he participated in an International singing competition, emerged as a best singer of Sri Lanka he represented Abu Golden Kite World Song festival in Malaysia. In the mid 1990s he displayed a program on television namely PrathibaRidma TharangaShantha Me Ra YameThani Tharuwe, and Nishanthaya. As a mature  accomplished musician he also composed music for films and teledramas such as SthyadeviRe RuBhawa KarmaThunpath RelaBopath EllaIsuru TharanayaPahe KalliyaKeetaya and Awasan Horaawa.[In 1991, he portrayed roles as an actor in a few television serials such as Kande GedaraDoo DaruwoDeviShoba saha DarshanaPiya SatahanAwasan HorawaSoorya SihinayaAthugala PamulaShapa Nokaraw Daruwane, and Sasala Ruwa. 

 In years 1994, 1995, 1996 he was awarded by Sarasavi film festival . Jagath was invited to perform opera called Siddartha at the annual Sai Baba Festival in India representing Sri Lanka as its music composer, arranger, singer and performer In 1995 he was awarded Presidential award as a most popular pop music artist in western music. In 1998 he won the award for best young music director and best teledrama singer at the Sumathi Awards ceremony. 

With his experience he held on invitation to numerous shows both Sri Lanka and overseas with local and foreign artists Jagath was deservedly assigned to direct  music for 40 Japanese children named Harajuku vocal orchestra. In edition Jagath was instrumental to produce the first music VCD ever in Sri Lanka  titled Thani Tharuwa . In 1998 embodying his music and songs issued on cassettes and CDs. 

Jagath with so much knowledge in music was appointed an adjudicator in the grueling  ‘Sirasa Super Star’  reality  show  in years 2004, 2006, 2008, and then was elected an adjudicator in  “Derana London Star” from 2008 to 2010. Then in 2011, he worked as a Judge in Rupavahini Ranaviru Real Star, Thurunu Shakthi, Ceylonta, TNL Star, Rupavahini Gee Muthu 2007 to 2012, ITN Supiri Hapana in year 2013. In year 2005 he was awarded the Bunka Award from Japan as well as Sri Lankan western music award as the best duo Performance and best instrumentalist. Jagath in addition won the  award for the best vocalist  of year  2008 at the Raigam Tele’es. 

Jagath has sung many popular songs to cassettes and CD’s. Titled as Obe Sina Langa,Ran Tharakawan,Sagara Tharanga,Pemwanthain Se, Isuru Kodewwe,Jale Gembura,Ma Samagin,Mal Mandahasen,Obe Hadawatha,Adara Pudasuna,Kanda Landa,Andure Mini Gedi,Wana Uyan Bime,Oba Hamu Wenam,Rathu Rosa, Sandun Sihil,Pahan Sila,Nuwan Pura,Asura Bale,Sonduru Nisa,Pama Wee, Sande Agaya,Kumari Mage,Nidahasata,Awaraye Pipi,Sitha Giman Niwana,Gele Mala,Mage Deneth Diha,Kusum Pipennam,Obath Mamath,Hima Paradeesaye,Kaldasa Mama etc.Some cassettes have been named as volume 1,2 and 3 etc.The song Obe Sina Langa song was sung in year 1988 when Jagath was only 22 years old. 

Jagath has a  busy musical schedule as he does a lot of recording work,also invited to participate in many television programs ,concerts for which Jagath somehow attends allocating time. .Visharada Jagath Wickremasinghe is a composer, singer, music producer, actor and a multi-instrumentalist. Jagath for his competency, experience in the field of musical arena was appointed as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation on the 11th February 2020 by the President , after the then Chairman Rohana Deva Perera was removed from the post as a number of employees of  SLBC had protested against his appointment. Jagath no doubt was  a competent and an ideal person to occupy the big seat which he had accepted for a meagre salary of rupees eighty thousand only. Jagath has had experience at the SLBC having worked as a music composer for a period of three years from 1988 to 1991.Thereafter Jagath had worked independently for twenty eight years establishing himself as a musician and recording personnel with facilities at his own studio.  

  Jagath has had some knowledge about the activities of SLBC having visited the  for recordings at intervals. .Jagath’s main intention had been with his experience was to improve the standard which had been diminishing at a fast speed. When Jagath took over as Chairman it had been observed that the SLBC was over staffed with over one thousand employees.The monthly salary bill was around rupees five hundred lakhs which Jagath thought some were receiving salaries for doing nothing.Some was known only to come and go without contributing any valuable service.Most of the staff has had intentions of getting promotions only instead of contributing a service.There had been massive robberies of servers containing valuable songs, interviews ,speeches etc.The corrupt staff members had sold these records to private radio institutions.Most of the musical instruments needed to be repaired which no one was bothered to get them repaired.Some instruments had decayed not suitable for playing.Most musicians were used to bring their own instruments from home.The premises had needed repairs like the toilets  which no one was bothered.The writer had heard from Dharmasri Wickremasinghe a veteran announcer who had served SLBC  for thirty eight years who had quipped that there is a lot of “Kepili “ at SLBC ,many are used to send petitions to the ministry through pure jealousy..He had in an television interview had described SLBC as “Blade Sansthawa”.This had continued even to date.When the Chairman Jagath Wickremasinghe was attempting to produce new programs to generate revenue there  had been objections with little or no co-operation. Once the Chairman had got information that a valuable NAS server robbed had been sold to one person in Peradeniya. The Chairman’s official vehicle had been sent to recover the server which has had so many valuable songs ,speeches  and programs.When the situation was not conducive instructions had been received to terminate the services of the Directors.Thereafter the Secretary to the  Ministry of Communication Technology had requested the Chairman Jagath Wickremasinghe to resign without knowing what really had transpired. Then Jagath Wickremasinghe had asked why he should resign.As he thought of his safety particularly a former Chairman Thevis Guruge had been shot while occupying the Chairman’s seat he had opted to resign..The above is the true story of  the circumstances which led to Jagath Wickremasinghe resignation refuting the news that he had robbed a piano and such false allegations saying he was sacked. 

From the above Visharada Jagath Wickremasinghe had contributed to music in this country more than anyone else at such a young age.All his fans and followers would wish him to continue his musical activities in the same vein. 


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