Tribute to Sunil Perera

Tribute to Sunil Perera


Sunil Perera as we all knew was a great musician who entertained us all for decades. When I was asked to write about Sunil I thought everyone knows about his career; I should write about what I knew about him. I had the privilege of having him live in my house a few times when the Gypsies performed in Brisbane. The first time when he was coming a friend told me to be careful having them in my house, especially as I had young kids.

Tribute to Sunil Perera

Could not have been more wrong! Sunil and his band were the perfect house guests. One day while they were at home, I had to go to my office to attend to some urgent work. I thought I would come back to a sink full of dirty dishes and a house all messed up. I could not believe my eyes- everything was spick and span. They had even found the 5 vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the house. Sunil and his brother lead by example. The two of them would be the first to help out.

After the first concert I did for them, I had to stay back to clean the venue and close up. I sent Sunil and his band home with my sister and my kids so they could eat and go to sleep. When I got back probably 3 hours later, they were still chatting and waiting for me to come back to have dinner.

The evenings would be fun with Sunil reciting past experiences, singing and laughter. Sunil was the perfect entertainer on stage and also in real day to day life. I will cherish these memories of a great man who has had to leave us too soon. Rest in peace Sunil; or should I say “Rock the other side”

Sandhya Abeysekera


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