The World in Turmoil – Ecologically; Spiritually; Economically; and Politically –by Noor R. Rahim

The World in Turmoil – Ecologically; Spiritually; Economically; and Politically –by Noor R. Rahim

NOOR R. RAHIMThe World is no more a Garden of Eden. One would have thought that with the advancement of knowledge and Technology it would be “Heaven on Earth”; but alas! It appears that we are far from it. Perhaps to those who have amassed wealth more than they will ever be able to spend themselves, in a life-time, it may be so. But to the ordinary folk it is a “day to day” scenario in life; with no time to see if it is Heaven or Earth.

Ecologically; spiritually; economically and politically we seem to be edging closer and closer to the dreaded “Point of No Return” – that is if it is not too late already! The solution to these impending disasters does not lie directly on the masses, but on the shoulders of Governments (elected by the masses) of each and every Nation on Earth.

Ecological Disaster:

The World appears to be on the cusp of an Ecological disaster. Goaded into this dreadful situation by Global Exploitation of Natural Resources that has been going on unabated and uncontrolled for decades. Relentless did we go on these splurge of exploitation – even though we were taught in Schools well over 7 decades ago that: “Man will kill Nature; and Nature will kill Man”. But we let it blow away with the wind. We are now left to feel the effects of the ill-wind; in its aftermath. But man in his/her infinite wisdom are not amiable to changes due to his/her quest of easy living – one may say luxurious living.


We exploited and raped Mother Earth of its vegetation, minerals, oils, wildlife, rivers and the mighty oceans. The practice goes on unabated and with hardly any meaningful restrictions. All this in the name of economics, development and Nation building; and continue to do so in spite of the “writing on the wall”. In summary it can only be put down to – “Greed & Need”.

Unfortunately the “Need” being for luxuries in life and needless waste of resources that are rampant especially in the Western World today; and what a concoction this is – “Greed & Need”. But this concept of “Greed & Need” is not necessarily among the “Haves”. Just look at the line-ups at the Lottery Booths – especially when the “Jackpots” get humongous. I rest my case. But this is just the fringe of the iceberg. It’s just an ongoing gambling trait promoted by the Government and Charities. Which in a way is adding “Lure” to the existing “Greed & Need”. Thus making it – “LURE; GREED & NEED”. Sorry, this is just a thought out diversion to side track a wee bit to keep your interest going; in this all important aspect of Mother Earth & You.

But thinking very far, as an inhabitant of this Earth, are we taking a serious view or action to prevent or halt this impending ecological disaster? For years we have had Governments meeting at lavish, extravagant and well touted Conferences on “Conservation & Weather” related matters. What one hears is Green House gases; emissions; emissions & more emissions. These resolutions are followed by imposing sanctions and high tariffs on Industries and the poor gas propelled motor vehicle owners. But how best can this be resolved when the whole Worlds economy (& its currency) depends on fossil fuels? In fact most of the Governments depend on the taxes that accrue from the sale of these fuels. In retrospect I don’t think one remembers any Government body speaking or even giving a hint as to the emissions of “High Flying Jet Aircraft”. These aircraft fly unrestricted in the skies above with each engine emitting over 1000 degrees of temperature in its wake. The most traversed route is the “Polar Route” which is the most economical and perhaps the shortest route from the Americas to the West or East of the Globe. It so happens that the aircraft is able to fly in less dense air at a lower altitude than at the Equator. One can only imagine the damage caused to the “Ozone” layer over the “Pole”. Yet we hear of the huge hue and cry about the “hole” in the atmosphere and the melting of the “Ice Cap”. But do we ever hear that a high flying aircraft may be the cause of this debacle? Of course not. This could lead to a catastrophic economic setback to all Nations concerned.

Spiritual Decadence:

Getting on to the subject of Spirituality we see some erosion in the long adhered to and revered principles of Religions. Which are partly attributable to the effect of “Multi Culturalism” in modern society. We appear to have let loose the reins of some of the tenets of Religious Spirituality. We are indeed accommodating and amenable to the “Politically Right” concept; even if we have to renege on the existing codes and concepts of spirituality in the Land. Bonding and mending to suit the straying of ideals from the norm; and giving in to caprices that are ultra vires to any of the Religions of the World. We have dropped the Lord’s Prayer from being recited in Schools; Christmas is no longer greeted as “Merry Christmas” but called “Happy Holidays”; the gaily adorned Christmas Tree is no longer in vogue and to display “The Nativity” is supposed to hurt the “feelings” of the other Religions. It appears that we even change the tenets of Spiritual Laws by imposing man made Laws to satisfy our wants and desires; all in the name of being “Politically Correct”. Spirituality and Faith in Religion seems to have now taken a back seat and what one appears to be seen as the re-enactment of “Sodom & Gomorrah”; or is it the oncoming of “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

The World in Turmoil – Ecologically; Spiritually; Economically; and Politically –by Noor R. Rahim

Economic Woes: 

Simple economics started off with a barter system of “goods in exchange for goods”. Then came the “goods for precious metals” (coins). Very soon to be followed by Governing Bodies introducing “paper currencies” in lieu of the cumbersome coins. In fact these notes were “promissory notes” or one can call it “I owe you notes”; if they so desire. These notes were based on the gold reserves held by the Governing Bodies; with the value of each note dependent on the gold reserve. In other words called “Gold Standards”. But the modern day value of the currency notes are now based on its speculative value. These values are formulated on a Nations GDP; GNP; stock exchanges; price of essential products (oil for instance) and other “Worldly Happenings” (Catastrophes; wars; etc.). In addition Governments indulge in manipulating the value of their currencies depending on “supply & demand” – “manipulative values” so to speak. One only wonders how many of these “promissory notes” are in circulation. Come what may one has to face the fact or reality that this form of economy and its barter with currency notes has come to stay. One can only be guided by the display of stock exchange values that are frequently splashed in the media – print and electronic. For those “haves” it is a matter of keeping their eyes glued on the ups and downs of the stock exchange; and for those “have nots” to keep their eyes peeled on “bobbing up & down” of their currency rates. Suffice to say that one of the most sought after primary commodity (oil) prices, be it high or low, will never give any respite to the common man.

Into this morass; throw in the profit motivated entrepreneurs seeking higher profit margins. The greed being such that they have, in very many cases, outsourced their manufacturing requirements to countries where labour is cheaper. The imported goods cost the same or more; but the poor man of the land has lost his job. Thus worsening the economic woes of the bread winners of one’s own country.  A case of the poor getting poorer and the rich richer.

Into their woes one has to compute the steady increase in various taxes imposed. One has of course to remember that we voted for the Government (any Government for that matter) whose first and foremost policy has been and always will be on “How to spend the Public Funds”. They of course will spend as if there is no tomorrow; knowing well that they can always tax the citizens for any shortfall. That is one of our biggest financial woes that confronts the folks that exercise their Universal Franchise. What a travesty!


Political Instability:

In a World full of turmoil; mayhem and human carnage it is not very difficult to deduce that the root-cause appears to be deeply embedded in politics.

To better understand this man made problem one must remember that there are two major Political Doctrines/Ideologies that dominate the World today; along with the concept of Dictatorship.

The two major doctrines being “Democracy” and “Communism”. There are variations to these two doctrines in what are called “Socialism” and “Dictatorship” in various guises and as formulated by individual Nations.

“Democracy” also known as “Capitalism” has many meanings; but in the modern day concept can be defined as the ultimate authority and its economic affairs are the vested rights of the people. On the other hand “Communism” also known as a form of “Socialism” is defined by “Wikipedia” as a “classless” political doctrine or governing system in which all property and wealth of the country is owned in the so-called “classless” society; by all members of that society.

 “Socialism” embraces a wide range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of a country’s essential resources for the common good of the people. Due to the many varieties of “socialism” practiced by various countries; no single definition can be formulated except to indicate that; “social ownership” is the common base from which it is derived.

“Dictatorship” is a form of government where a country is ruled by one person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure that power remains within the dictatorship. Which in fact is the ruler/s regulating every aspect of aspect of the public and private behavior; of its citizens.

There is a chapter in History that need to be mentioned relating to a “bloodless coup” in Pakistan in 1958. General Ayub Khan took over the reins of the country from civilian rule and on being interviewed by the International Press was asked: “Are you not a Dictatorship?” To which he responded: “No! We are not a Military Junta or a Dictatorship – We are a Guided democracy”. So we do see a fine line between “Dictatorship” and “Democracy”.

But realistically does one see which doctrine is better than the other? Experience shows us that most of the mayhem and carnage that has evolved during the recent years is by “Democracy” toppling “Dictatorship”. It is like cancer and keeps growing by the day giving Centre-stage to a sinister doctrine of “Terrorism” that is ravaging and threatening the World today. The lives of the innocent are at stake. The most affected areas in the war torn regions are abound with refugees fleeing their war torn countries; to become a humanitarian burden to the rest of the World.

There is also an ironic twist to the promotion of the “Democratic” philosophy. They promoted free and democratic elections in the Middle Eastern countries; but unfortunately they reneged on their promises when the Party they preferred did not win the elections. Has this rubbed off in their own Country, the Land of Democracy, as one sees currently in the media? Much hype and dissension being thrown at a “Presidential’ party candidate; who appears to be leading way ahead of the other Party Candidates. His own Party appears to be “ganging up” against him.

It also brings to mind the rhetoric of a President who just before the invasion of a foreign country said: “Either you are with us or ……. us”. After the invasion he very proudly and boldly stated: “Mission Accomplished”. But the carnage and mayhem still continues and has spread around like cancer in the region; and now spilled right around the World. What a travesty. We now appear to be “Going around the Mulberry BUSH” as the old Nursery Rhyme goes.


One can only deduce that the Strong will always dominate the weak and the meek in Worldly Affairs; with the United Nations Organization a mere bystander – A toothless Lion; so to say. Do what I say don’t do what I do being the theme played by the “Strong”.

So dear learned Reader sit back, sip your drink, and think of “The World in Turmoil – Ecologically; Spiritually; Economically; and Politically. For these are the problems we are faced with today and perhaps in the times to come. To put it into perspective – One can only say that the modern version of “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” can now be described as: “The Four Modern Horsemen of the Apocalypse” – Ecological Disaster; Spiritual Decadence; Economic Woes; and Political Instability.

Noor R. Rahim

March 22, 2016

The World in Turmoil – Ecologically; Spiritually; Economically; and Politically –by Noor R. Rahim

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