“THE KISS” – by Des Kelly

“THE KISS” – by Des Kelly


This story comes originally from Mervyn Dirckze of the mob calling themselves “Burghers, who are mad buggers”, or something to that effect. I have edited the story and written it especially for our e’ Lanka readers who will hopefully enjoy what is a sad, but true tale.

This biker, who was riding across a bridge spanning the Mahawali- Ganga, came across a young girl, obviously preparing to jump in, and commit suicide, so he stopped to ask her the reason for her impending jump. She looked at him with sad eyes and told him that she was very unhappy at home, and so decided to end it.

The biker, “oh, I’m sorry to hear that, but now, as you are already half naked, why don’t you jump in, I won’t stop you”.

The girl, “Yes, I was going to, but just realized that I cannot swim” !!.,

still, I’m thinking about it”.

The biker, (thinking about something or the other, himself), 

“OK then, but before you do, could I ask you a favour ?, would you give me a kiss goodbye, before you jump ?,

The girl came up to the biker and gave him a long, sexy French kiss, without saying a word. 

The biker got off his bike, walked to the railing the bridge, and even as he walked, he breathed “Oh, wow !!, that is one kiss I will never forget, “which also makes me wonder ?” he said, WHY DO you want to commit suicide when you can kiss like that, makes me want to kiss you again”.

The girl, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I had explained that it was my Parents who were making it impossible for me. They both wanted me to keep being their daughter, dress up like a girl, and do everything a girl generally does, when under all of it, I was actually a boy, trying very hard to be something I wasn’t.

The biker jumped off the bridge.

(and he couldn’t swim either).


Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka.

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