The Boast of Multi-Culturalism – Is it Reality or Fallacy? – By Noor Rahim

The Boast of Multi-Culturalism – Is it Reality or Fallacy? – By Noor Rahim

The Boast of Multi-Culturalism – Is it Reality or Fallacy? – By Noor Rahim

NOOR R. RAHIMPresently there is a boast & toast among a few of the leading Western Countries that appear to be falling over each other in their boast of a truly Multi-Cultural Society aka Multi Ethnic Society. But if one should really trace the advent of Multi-Culturalism one would be amazed at the fact that this concept was rampant way back from the days of yore; and though not the boast of a Nation but were subtly enmeshed in a Nations social fabric without any rant or rave. Strangely enough this was the accepted norm in the 3rd World – so to say. So one must wonder; if the present day boast of a Multi-Cultural Society is more of a Political Boast to garner Political “Clout”; with the Immigrant populace or for reasons otherwise.

If one only reminisces from the time they immigrated and draw from their past of what it was; they will surely realise that we came from our own “Motherlands” that seethed in Multi-Culturalism. One only needs to trace of its origin and no doubt would have experienced how we lived in total “integration” & “cohesion” with each other without any thought whatsoever for caste; creed; language; or religion. They lived in perfect harmony relying on (or dependent on) each other and learning from each other. However this close woven fabric was soon to get ripped with the arrival of “Colonialism”. A rule that created a “Divide & Rule” concept with various devious imposition on the populace to harness them; and get the needs that were more conducive to their very own Colonial Masters. This was further accentuated by converting the way of the “easy-going” and “living off the land” lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the land they ruled.

Commercialization crept in at the expense of the existing agricultural needs of its’ staple foods; with “cash” crops being introduced to benefit the economic needs of the country of the Invaders (Colonialists); rather than that of the local populace. “Luxury” living also crept in among those who amassed wealth. The raping of the lands for its’ mineral and other natural resources to feed the economies of the Colonialist went unabated; and of course the importation of staple foods for the indigenous which was hitherto grown virtually in their own home gardens – so to say.  

The “Colonial” rule brought a degree of animosity with the passage of time; and soon the multi-cultural society felt a greater need of exhibiting the concept of “Unity” to rid the country of the invaders. Thus the country had an enemy that needed to be rid of and the need to stop the plunder of its National wealth. They did struggle through thick and thin and did ultimately gain their independence. But the independence which was achieved through “Unity” was soon to fade away. As the “Unity” was soon to turn into “Polarisation”. The concept of the feeling of ”Togetherness”, as so well integrated in “Multi-Culturalism” before “Colonialism” soon turned into a rift between the “Majority” & the “Minority”. In extreme cases we did see much emigration and asylum seekers from these lands due to various acts of persecution or alleged persecution and human rights violations.

One surely must ask oneself if this is the very first step towards the high-lighting of “Multi-Culturalism” in this World; and of various indoctrinations similar to Democracy; Communism; Socialism etc. It now certainly vies for a rank of such a position in the Political World of today.

When one thinks of the days of old, on how well and INEGRATED they lived in their realm of “Multi-Culturalism”. They lived in such complete peace and harmony; sharing their knowledge and experiences that benefitted each other so much – without in as much as the slightest inclination of dishonour or rancour amongst each other.

But that was in the past; the present day concept of “Multi-Culturalism” appears to be now seethed in Political Indoctrination. The word that comes to mind is not of “Togetherness” nor of “Unity”, but of “IMPOSING”. This is where the crux or the “turning point” of the matter lies. The most unfortunate situation seems to be when folks immigrate to other lands for myriad reasons and seek refuge they do appear to believe in “IMPOSING” rather than “INTEGRATING” with the already established “Ways of Life” of the “Host Nation”. By no means is it meant to say one must change one’s own traditional way of life; but to blend with the host Nation and become part & parcel of the Country and give back to the country that has accepted you with “open hearts”. In other words do not try to change the existing ways; but try to make it better. It is only then that one can really see the effect of “Togetherness” amongst us all; as ONE PROUD NATION and be a contributing factor to the concept rather than polarising it into “Disunity” and “Animosity”.

If “Multi-Culturalism” is properly harnessed it is indeed a great source of goodness that can emanate from it; for the strengthening and betterment of “Social”; “Moral”; & “Religious” fabric of the land. But let to meander, it will lead to “Polarisation”; “Distrust” & “Disintegration” of any land that only blindly condones to the boast of a “Multi-Cultural” or “Multi-Ethnic” society.

It is a popular saying that “You need two hands to clap”. So dear readers let’s put our hands together in unison and take the good and let go of the bad.

So! Dear Readers you be the judge if “Multi-Culturalism” or “Multi-Ethnicity” is a “Reality” or is it “Fallacy”?

Noor Rahim

December 01 2019

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