Sri Lanka Day Expo 2021 virtual event

Sri Lanka Day Expo 2021 virtual event

Could you please replace the current flyer with this one as this has the link to register, if possible soon. Appreciate it.

Date: Friday, August 20th, Saturday, August 21st & Sunday, August 22th, 2021

Hosting Contry USA

Friday, August 20th


Sri Lanka Day Expo 2021 virtual event!

One of the foundation’s most significant events is “Sri Lanka Day”. Every year the foundation works diligently to bring the sights, tastes, colors and general feel of Sri Lanka. It is an annual celebration and tribute to the culture and heritage of the Sri Lankan people.

The Sri Lanka day 2021 will be hosted on a two-day virtual platform to bring Sri Lankan communities worldwide to celebrate it’s culture through Cultural Performances & Perahera, also promote Sri Lankan Businesses in the areas of Food, Beverages, Textile, Gems, Hotel Management, Airlines, and other to provide an opportunity to promote sales. 

If you wish to participate contact –
Keshini Wijegoonaratna,
Director of Project Management & Public  Relations:
213-400-7705 (US)

Achala Weerasinghe: Director of Cultural Affairs & Director of Operations for the Academy of Performing Arts.
Tel: 213-400-1662

Shirani Stanislaus: Chief Operating Officer 
Tel: 213-400-7705

Chamodh Amarasinghe: Media Director 
Tel: 661-436-0141 

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