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Sunil-ThenabaduGonakumbura Pangukarage Shalani Tharaka Wijayabandara born 15th November 1990, popularly known as Shalani Tharaka, . The decade of 1990 is often reminisced as a decade of peace, prosperity, and the growth of the World Wide Web internet in 1992 . Shalini fits into a part of a Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y. Millennials, is a generation who grew up with computers, internet, and social networks.  born to parents’ duo Susantha Wijayabandara and Suraji natives of Balangoda.Father is a businessman while mother a beautician also had from time to time been portraying minor roles as an actress. in addition, she has two siblings an elder brother and a younger sister who is very much younger to Shalini..For convenience to her work she lives in Colombo, visit home in Negombo, whenever time allows. Shalani as she is popularly known is an actress, model, dancer, lyricist and presenter. Shalini loves to pen novels is a competent lyricist, so many are still to be completed which she hopes to launch soon. Her ambition when very young had been to be an actress but had transformed to be an air hostess when in the seventh standard or so. After establishing herself in the acting profession has given up that ambition.  However, she was adjudicated the winner in the year 2007 in a beauty pageant. She of the most popular television actresses in Sri Lanka having triumphed the mini screen and films continuously for fifteen years having portrayed vivid roles in a record number of tele dramas..Shalini Tharaka holds the title for the Sri Lankan beauty pageant “Sirasa Kumariya” as a teenager after which time she was brought concurrently to the mainstream of popularity with invitation pouring in for acting. In this context with acting assignments, she is very busy daily in shooting, attending to functions,[ ]shows, interviews she is only free at night to have a sound sleep.. Currently she does not accept many works as in the beginning of her blossomed career, as she needs a deserved rest. The main characteristics of an actress is charisma, the ability to remain charm, attractiveness, commitment and hard work, confidence, understanding of human behaviour and intelligence which Shalini possesses in abundant proportions. All these achievements have been made via her innate talent barring any hereditary affiliations to parents. Initially she had disliked acting but owing to the insistence of her parents she had made up her mind to pursue a career in acting particularly after portrayal of a few roles. 

 She has had her primary education at St. Agnes Convent, Balangoda. After her primary education she had moved to her mother’s hometown in Negombo where she had her secondary education there onwards at Newstead Girl’s College, where she had studied western and Kandyan dancing styles. Her maiden acting came through the television serial ‘Poojasanaya directed by Shirley P Delankawala. Her co-star in Poojasanaya was more experienced Suraj Mapa. Later she acted in many television serials in several genres such as Isuru BawanaHansiGirideviApi Api Wage (I & II)Ganga Addara and Sanda Sanda Wage which gained immense popularity. Apart from teledramas she has also contributed to TV commercials like ‘Hero Honda’, ‘Raino’ and ‘Janet’. She has also played parts in music videos such as Oya Dese by Prinyan, Mata Oya by D n S, Wasthuwe by Shafee ft. Delon. In 2012, Tharaka made her maiden cinema appearance in the movie ‘Selvam” portraying the role of “Medhavi”. Later she appeared in a lead role in the horror film ‘Spandana’. She also contested in the second season of ‘Sirasa Dancing stars’ as well as ‘Hiru Super Dancer’ with distinction. 

On 19 September 2020, she was awarded both ‘best teledrama actress’ and ‘most popular teledrama ‘actress” at the 16th ‘Raigam Tele’es ceremony. It was the first time in 24 years where one actress had won both awards at the same time. In 2021, she appeared in the Raffealla Fernando Celebrity Calendar along with many other Sri Lankan celebrities which is considered as one of the highest civilian honours awarded to an individual. 


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The television serials from year 2008 to date are “Poojasanaya”,:Isuru Bhawana”,”Hansi”,”Api Api wage”,”Samanali”, “Ganga Addara”,”Sanda Sanda Wage”,”Sath Rela Pela”,”Sihina Piyapath”, “Tharu Ahasata Adare”,”Arundathi”,”Sihinayaki Jeevithe”, “Aluth Gedera”,”Handuna gaththoth Oba Ma”,”Sanda Pini Bindak”, “Namal Arana”,”Punchi Walauwwa”,”Doowili Walauwwa”, “Dadakeli Arana”,”Diyaniya”,”Thaara”.”A/L Evarai”,”Kut “Kutu Kutu Mama”,”Wassanayae Premaya”,”Mage Adara Awanduwa”,”Sikka Team”.”Batahira Ahasa”,”Gemun Maharaja”,”Muthu Mala”, “Sooriya Nayo”,”Lokanthaya”,”Mithu”,”Sooriya Wachchare”,”Haras Para”,”Kotipathiya”,”Sanda Hangila”,”Ado”, “Queen”, “Giridevi”,”Can you Hear Me”,”Haidi”,”Agni Piyapath”, Sihina Genena Kumariyo”, “Kiya Denna Adare Tharam”, ”Chalo”. In the above tele dramas Shalini had portrayed vivid roles mostly the lead roles and supporting roles excelling to the entire satisfaction of the directors and perhaps many audiences.From her roles portrayed it is evident she is an actress with many  diverse roles different to one another. Recently in “Giridevi”, “agni piyapath”, “Sihina Genena Kumariyo ,” more recently in the ongoing Tele drama “Kiya Denna Adare Tharam” all her portrayals were spellbinding. In “Agni Piyapath” she even rode a racing type motor bike over 250 cc very assuredly which only a few actresses could perform. At a recent awards ceremony when declaring her the winner of the best actress award, the presenter said she is the “princess” of tele dramas. In this context Shalini is perhaps the most sought-after actress in native Sri Lanka.   

Shalini has not acted in many films as she had been profoundly involved in Tele dramas.From the year 2012 to date some of the films to which she has contributed were ‘Selvam’, ‘Spandana’, ‘Nela’,”Thank God” some as the main character portrayed while in others supporting character portrayals. The films already completed but not released are “Adventures of Ricky Deen”, Vivasidura”,”Akarsha”,and “ Maayavi” which no doubt her fans and followers would  eagerly like to view. 

Shalini is a low-profile down to earth individual who likes to be simple always. As she is now a popular actress known to many, she has to be clad fairly well  with at least a bit of a makeup when going outdoors.  Shalini hates mudslinging matters, which is dominant in the trade. Once a newspaper had carried an article that  she  is to marry a guy stating his name too, for which she had received many calls and messages wishing her. She had called the related Editor of the newspaper, who had apologized saying sorry, promising to correct the fake news in the next edition. She is bold enough to speak to anyone if she comes to know of any gossip made on her to spread. For minor offenses aimed at her she turns a deaf year as these days these occurrences from jealous colleagues are common. Shalini is on the stance to carry on with her schedules instead of worrying unnecessarily chasing behind the culprits. She affirmed that there are times she had got hurt on such fake allegations she even had shed tears. Of course, she has so far has not had any serious allegations designed against her. 

At a television dialog Shalini revealed that after another three years or so she intends to get married though she has not met her future spouse, yet at which time her plan is she would retreat from acting. She is not involved with anyone though a few in the profession had proposed to her and she too has a few in mind not disclosed yet.She prefers her future partner not a fair person, tall, who will love her and look after her properly. However, she will be involved in other areas in the Tele and film industries having acquired immense familiarity in many fields during her career. Her ambition is to become may to be a businessman perhaps owning a garment or restaurant after bidding goodbye to her career in acting. When questioned about her thoughts on ‘Mother’s Day”, ‘Father’s Day” her answer was if children look after the parents daily by at calling them to find out how they are doing and supply their requirements when needed there is nothing one should do especially on those days, as some who do not even inquire about them, take a flower bouquet to them on these days, which to her is a ridiculous endeavor.  

During her career spanning less than one and a half decades Shalini has relatively won many awards. In Sumathi Awards in year 2015 by Peoples vote she won The most popular actress award..Also in year 2015 was adjudicated as Best up and coming actress for her role in Handapana Gala.Also in year 2018 once again was voted The most popular actress.At Ragam Telees in year 2015 was adjudicated for a Jury award for her portrayal in Punchi Walawwa.In year 2016 too she was by popular vote won the The most popular actressaward. Again in year 2020 Shalini was by popular vote won the Most Popular actress award. Also in year 2020 for her portrayal in Ado,best actress award..Then in year 2022 for her portrayal in Kiya Denna Adare Tharam won the Best actresses award.In year 2019 at Derana Film awards Shalini was awarded by peoples vote Lux Glamorous Star award. In year 2021 for her portrayal in Giridevi,she was awarded the Best actress awardat  Signis- OCIC award ceremony. 

Shallini is currently a celebrity ,one of the prettiest and talented actresses in native Sri Lanka.An added qualification is that she is a fantastic exponent of varied dancing styles proved in participating in many competitions with honour. She also could sing which is an added qualification. From the above Shalini has proved her capabilities by portraying diverse types of roles ,as a village damsel or as a posh fictional character as in the current tele drama Kiya Denna Adare Tharam, in addition to her pleasant features, one of the prettiest actresses in the movie industry and down to earth low profile simple character easy to get along with.All her followers and fans would wish her the very best in all her future assignments. 

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