Sunil ThenabaduCharisma is one of the real surface qualities that one would expect in any actress. Obviously, a performer has to be exclusively charming, expressive, and charismatic.  This is because of performing on camera, which undoubtedly requires a certain amount of expressive energy, so those individuals with high-octanes of energy with the ability to transform that energy on-screen should go without saying. Hard work and commitment are other traits needed to be classified as a successful actress like Samanalee Fonseka We so naturally talented with her hereditary affiliations to her Aunts. Of course hard work, commitment, confidence and passion are the other traits embedded in the personality of Samanalee  who bring one hundred percent of herself to each role she portrays though could obviously be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. Samanalee is one who could whole-heartedly commit herself to be the successful actress she is. 

Samanalee is predominantly a character actress who portray characters which are very different to her off-screen real-life personality. She hails from a  very distinguished family of actresses her Aunt been the legendary Malini Fonseka.  She has had her initial education up to the second standard at St.Paul’s Kelaniya thereafter up to advanced level prior to entering the Colombo university campus had been educated at Sirimavo Bandaranaike Balika Vidyalaya . Samanalee during   a recent television confrontation added that she had been very playful character, highly noted in school been punished a number of times at regular intervals. She had been embarrassed when her parents were summoned to school to relate her deeds in school. She had been very weak in Maths had never thought she would pass in Maths at the ordinary level. When very young had got opportunities via her Aunt’s influence to portray small roles in films.The elder students in school had observed this had made her popular in school as a child actress. 

 However, by sheer quirk she had obtained an ordinary pass in Maths which had enabled her to get admission to the advanced level class. The subjects chosen were drama,music and logic. Samanalee wished to thank her music teacher Thanuja Bangala for grooming her in music and drama which was the only foundation she had received for her acting career later on.  At the University she had selected political science,media and social science for her degree.At campus she had disclosed she has had not a spectacular period perhaps as it was the pattern in the Colombo campus.She had been more or less unnoticed with no one knowing about her family background been the niece of Malini Fonseka.Samanalee had abstained from taking part in any extracurricular activities at the campus.But she has had some close friends who were all were unsophisticated personnel. Samanalee had added that she had not received much backing from Aunt Malini but cannot say absolutely not so also.

Samanalee believes that all individuals should be honest to one’s self-awareness and courage. Sometimes it is challenging to make contact with your truth and even harder to take action based on that truth.  Samanalee is one who wishes to thrive in life with no craze to rise, accumulate wealth. She never wishes to buy a flashy car. the latest mobile or television she thinks differently by opting to a sedate unsophisticated simple life, simple food, also simple friends’ sans any goals to achieve. She wishes to strictly remain in her own inimitable comfort zone. It is so with her husband popular vocalist Indrachapa Liyanage she uttered.Samanalee’s life is such, no one would believe not like many other actresses.She could sing very well possessing a melodious, a very pleasant-sounding voice which she had proved at programs in many television channels. Her singing had been applauded and hailed by many including presenters.When she was questioned as to why she does not commence singing seriously her answer was very humbly adding as not that competent yet would continue her passion for acting.Is she not exceptional in her deeds and thoughts. 

Samanalee is flexible  at most times is a social activist. Defining her role as a person who works to achieve political or social change, gender equality especially as a member of an organization with particular aims, who wants social justice executed through social activism. In this context she believes she has a huge responsibility as an artiste to resolve people’s struggles’ Her belief is the responsibility of all artistes  to take the country forwards.. 

Wanniarachchilage Samanalee Fonseka was born on 23rd November 1981.Her father Ananda Fonseka,Malini ,Damayanthi Fonseka are Aunts,Dayananda and Upali Fonseka ,Prasanna Vithanage are uncles while Senali Fonseka is her cousin. 

Samanalee had entered  the Sri Lankan film industry as a child artist at the tender age of five and made her acting debut with Paradisaya directed by by Dinesh Priyasad. Her maiden lead female role was in Aruna Gunarathne’s tele-film Suriya Vinshthi when she was 16 years old.In 2004 she won the Best actress (Short Play) award at the State Drama Festival. Samanalee came to fame with her performance in prolific Sri Lankan filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage’s Akasa Kusum. Then she acted in critically acclaimed films such as Motor Bicycle by Shameera Rangana Naotunna, Premaya Nam by Kalpana Ariyavansa, Vindana Ariyawansa, Nimnayaka Hudakalawa by Boodee Keerthisena  and Dewena Vihangun by Sanjeewa Pushpakumara. 

Samanalee Fonseka has won the best actress award in many national film festivals for her role in the film Premaya Nam in year 2018. She also has won the best actress in a supporting role for the film Dewena Vihangun in  year 2019 at many national award ceremonies. For the role she portrayed in Motor Bicycle, she has won several special jury awards for acting. 

In 2021, she appeared in the Raffealla Fernando Celebrity Calendar along with many other Sri Lankan celebrities including Sangeetha Weeraratne 


Apart from acting  as a social activist on 29 December 2014, Samanalee along with fellow actors Laxman Wijesekara, Indrachapa Liyanage and Jagath Manuwarna were attacked in Kumbukgete, Kurunegala while raising voice against Rajapaksa government during the presidential election in 2015.15 They have organized a program at Kumbukgete under the theme “Let’s Get Rid of Deception” a concept of  “Aluth Parapure Kalakaruwo”.] 

In November 2018, Samanalee had filed a writ petition through her lawyers seeking Rs. 500 million in compensation from parliamentarian Kanchana Wijesekera. It is based on a statement made by Wijesekera that she had received money from the Ministry of Mass Media and Information for this endeavor. Samanalee had won awards at many awards ceremonies as Presidential,Derana film, Sarasaviya,Signis ,Sumathi for best actress and also for supporting actress also in many award ceremonies. In her short career had acted in ten or more films with a few to be released. 

The roles performed by Samanalee have been all spectacular.AS she is still young with a acting prowess at high ebb could be seen on our small and big screens with more pleasing performances. All her fans would wish her good health, courage to succeed in all her future ventures. 


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