Rukshan Fernando – Independent Journalism, Racism and Hypocrisy – Matt Wong

Rukshan Fernando – Independent Journalism, Racism and Hypocrisy – Matt Wong

Source: Deiscernable

Rukshan Fernando – Independent Journalism, Racism and Hypocrisy.

Rukshan Fernando is the creative mind behind The Real Rukshan – a fast-growing independent journalism page. Rukshan had the courage to attend all the major protests and rallies in Melbourne, Victoria throughout 2020/21 to document what the mainstream media failed or refused to cover.

Spending a lot of time in his studio editing wedding photos for clients, he often has the news playing in the background and was shocked to witness the hypocrisy at Dan Andrews’ daily press conferences and the way our establishment media report on things. Not only does he catalogue all of these he produces parodies, satires and straight comparison videos that remind us all of how far we’ve moved as a society.

From Rukshan Fernando

rukshan frenando

I’m getting a lot of questions about who I am from people interested in knowing more about my background. Other people are trying to find gotcha moments and ending up confused because of my satirical memes.

I did this interview with Discernable in March this year, and although much has changed since then, it will give you a great insight on how I ended up as the Real Rukshan.
To the trolls, it’s very important you know that besides being an independent journalist, I’m also a meme artist and have a thick skin.

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