RIP ARDEN NELSON – by Upali Obeyesekere

RIP ARDEN NELSON – by Upali Obeyesekere 


Source:Peterite-Josephian FB

Josephian-Peterite NEWS NETWORK has been created/Moderated by Upali Obeyesekere, an Old Peterite living in Toronto, Canada, who believes in the slogan, “Two brothers of the same Family” – and that is why this group invites Josephians and Peterites both to join and add members.
I come from a Josephian family though fate took me to St. Peter’s College when Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando became Rector, SPC in 1956. Fr. Arthur was a school mate and a close friend of my late father St. Elmo Obeyesekere. Rest is history.
We disseminate factual Josephian-Peterite news from around the world! Please join us.

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