Remembering San Michele ( Sandra Joseph ) 1960 – 2018 – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Remembering San Michele ( Sandra Joseph ) 1960 – 2018 – by Patrick Ranasinghe


Patrick_Ranasinghe (1)I share this post with a very heavy heart tonight, as today I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Sandra Joseph. You were taken from us so suddenly that I feel I’m still dreaming, I’m lost for words, but what I can say is thank you for all the memories and fun times and there were many over the years. (Sandra Joseph) Daughter of Betty Joseph 

San Michele & Savore Latin Jazz Quartet

performing at The MC Showroom.

Feel the rhythm take over your body …

Let the bass and percussion extend firm roots in your being …

Be awestruck by the mastery shown on guitars …

Get intoxicated by the smooth elixir of the voice you hear.

Latin Jazz at it’s finest … Samba, Bossa, Bolero, Rumba, Cha Cha & Tango.

Savore, a Latin Jazz Instrumental group, comprising of Chris Gogerly on Latin guitar and Valentino Gikovski on Flamenco guitar, along with Holly Brick on Bass and Alistair Lethlean on Percussion have been performing in and around Melbourne for over 17 years.

Improvisation plays a critical role with these musicians as they bring and breathe life, dynamics and colour to each performance. Like a painter’s white canvas becoming a masterpiece with each stroke of the brush, or in Savore’s case, each stroke of the note.

San Michele Joseph, performing Jazz, Latin and Soul, has blessed the world’s music scene with her smooth, warm voice for more than two decades.

Her sensitivity to the storyline, to rhythm and her stunning improvisations of free-flying harmonies in each tune gives her the opportunity to really connect with her audience.

Patrick Ranasinghe

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