Old Nalandians’ Association of Canada

Old Nalandians’ Association of Canada


Old Nalandians' Association of Canada


Who We Are

Welcome to the Old Nalandian’s Association of Canada. We are a group of former students from one of the leading buddhist schools in Sri Lanka, Nalanda Vidyalaya. Our school has produced leaders in many fields, political, sports, professional, military and social. Our membership is made of former students of all ages who have migrated to North America and has called Canada their home. We strive to help those who are new to Canada, as well as create a network for former school mates where their families can meet, help each other and enjoy their life in Canada. We also attempt to help our school whenever we can, through financial sponsorships and scholarships to students who need assistance. If you are a former Nalandian living in Canada, we would like to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail or fill out the membership form on this site.

About Us

The Beginning….

Old Nalandian’s Association of Canada was founded in 1995, September 30th, by a small group of past students living in Toronto area. Living far away from home land , our objective was to form a network of people, who can help each other as well as our alma mater, who had taught and guided us to face the world. Our members come from many different professional backgrounds, both young and old. Some are students, studying in universities, while others have lived in Canada for over 50 years or so. Most of them live in the province of Ontario, where the largest population of Sri Lankan expatriates in Canada, make their home.

As in any success story, we too have had our share of struggles, especially at the beginning, as the Association was created mostly to play Cricket. Only a handful of members who were better settled down in Canada were involved, but they too barely had time to spend on Association’s activities. The Association was officially registered in 1997, with annual events such as Alms Giving, Family Picnics and Members nights were added later on. Today, with the number of new immigrants from Sri Lanka to growing in Canada, we have close to 100 members in the association, helping out each other. We also have a Venerable Udupihille Wimalabudhdhi Thero, a past teacher of Nalanda, residing at the Toronto Maha Vihara, located in the east end of the city. Venerable Thero is the Principle of the Sunday school, teaching our younger generation the way of Lord Buddha. This web site is latest of our achievements in our attempt to bring together all Nalandians around Canada and even else where in the world!

Apadana Sobhinni Panna

“Character beatifies Knowledge” was the motto instilled in every Nalandian growing up. As a leading Buddhist school in Sri Lanka our first order of business every year is to pay homage to Lord Buddha, by organizing an annual Dhana Pinkama at Toronto Maha Vihara. We remember fellow students, and elders who have guided us to where we are today, by organizing an annual alms giving at the beginning of every year. The Dhana pinkama is rotated between the two temples in Toronto, east and west end Vihara.


Gunasena Rajinda

Phone: 416-709-3383

Edirisinghe Sugath

Vice President
Phone: 416-400-2215

Withanawasam Vajira

Phone: 647-992-6629

Wijetillake Chammika

Assistant Secretary
Phone: 647-217-5312

Jayaweera Chaminda

Phone: 647-504-5802

Gunasekara Prasad

Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 905-867-2343

Kandumulla Sujeewa

Event Organizer
Phone: 416-895-0217

Abeyratna Sanjeeva

Assistant Event Organizer
Phone: 647-655-8424

Ranasinghe Chandana

Committee Member
Phone: 416-845-6075

Jayawardena Lasath

Committee Member
Phone: 416-856-5549

Abeysinghe Nalaka

Committee Member
Phone: 647-297-0959

De Silva Ramesh

Committee Member
Phone: 647-878-5009

Liyanage Suharsha

Committee Member
Phone: 647-614-5272

De Silva Manoj

Regional Coordinator – Ottawa/East
Phone: 613-915-0486

Silva Lahiru

Regional Coordinator – Calgary/West

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