Neil Diamond Hello Again with Carol Burnett & Stevie Wonder – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Neil Diamond Hello Again with Carol Burnett & Stevie Wonder – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Patrick_Ranasinghe (1)Mark West  Thirty-two years ago, I edited this show with Gary Smith, Dwight Hemion, Kenny Solms and of course, Neil Diamond.  It remains one of the most pleasant experiences of my career.  Everyone was respectful of the others’ talents and friendships were established from our daily experiences in the editing room.  Neil didn’t want or need to make money on this show… it was planned to coincide with the release of “Headed to the Future.”  Consequently, we got to make a good show without the inevitable question:  “Yeah but is it going to cost us a lot?”  In the concert section, “September Morn” is probably the sequence I am most proud of in my career.  Shots are stolen from other songs and work beautifully with that wonderful song.  Three performances were shot, cameras moved in each setup (behind the stage, front of the stage and audience reactions) giving us the equivalent of 18 camera angles.  I watched this show again tonight for the first time in at least 30 years and happy memories came flooding back in. 

Recently I was saddened to hear that Neil has cut his live concert schedule due to Parkinson’s Disease.  He was truly a wonderful, down-to-earth guy and I wish him the very best!  Dwight Hemion passed away several years ago but I am truly impressed by his genius… the shots are beautiful and the cutting is very symetrical as he preferred. 

I’m happy to find this special posted and was even happier to relive the memories of “Hello Again”.  Thanks! 

Patrick Ranasinghe

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