“MUSICAL MAGIC” – By Des Kelly

         “MUSICAL MAGIC”  – By Des Kelly

Another special dedication to each and every Lankan/Aussie everywhere. A big thank you to Arthur Speldewinde who forwarded this “post”

knowing that, of course, I would be interested in giving this amazing video all the publicity it deserves, because of it’s musical content.

          Because of these unwanted, yet necessary lockdowns in large parts of Australia, people here are now really suffering various stages of depression and if, even for a few minutes, we, at e’Lanka can produce SOMETHING to cheer our friends up, I feel certain that videos like this do help.

MUSIC, in all it’s forms, brings back MEMORIES that everyone of us must have, as we go through life. 

The “Musical Miscellany” provided here will manage to muster even a fleeting semblance of these personal, precious MEMORIES, and, once again, thanks to the Producer of the video and Arthur Speldewinde who forwarded it to me.

As they say, usic be the food of life play on”, so this is exactly what I am doing right now. Lockdowns will NOT last forever. We will eventually beat this Pandemic, but, until then, let us keep our faculties under control with some

“MUSICAL MAGIC”.Watch it, folks and enjoy it please. You will not be sorry.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly
(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka.

Exciting. ENJOY    

The guy who created this video is an absolute master. With the use of over 80 movies the timing of the dancing to the music is brilliant.


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