He was one of the most highly rated “Comics” of his era, his one-liners, on—stage, will never be forgotten, once heard. He would relate a story in detail, an example being how one of his friends made an impromptu  appointment with a doctor on a particular day, AT a particular time, etc., begging of his neighbour for a “ride” to the doctors, because his own car had broken down and was in the process of being repaired, even as they spoke. He would then speak of the repair shop, and “yaba yaba yaba”, until his friend, simply to stop him talking so much, said “ok, ok, OK., hop into my car and I will take you for your appointment”  .

He gets in the car, and is strangely silent, until he is in his doctors room.

He complains to the doctor that it hurts when he lifts his right arm. The doctors replies “well, don’t lift it then”. 

Our patient then tells the doctor  “I also have very bad Arthritis, doctor. My whole body is a mass of pain”. He poked himself in the stomach and let out a yelp, in the chest, neck, and groin, yelping audibly, then sat down on a couch in the office, waiting for the doctor to examine him. The good doctor did just that, poking him gently once more, before his diagnosis. There wasn’t the slightest squeak from his patient, and the doctor then told him,  “there is nothing wrong with you, my boy,`except that you do have a hairline fracture on your right middle finger “!!!.

          “Where does the Music come in”? you ask. Well, my friends, just have a look at TOMMY COOPER, the Comedian in question, who actually died on-stage, while doing a show, play “Autumn Leaves” on piano, backed by the Lional Blair Dancers. He was a great Comedian, but then again, I have always preferred British Comedy to any other. Here he is, ladies & gentlemen. 

Please enjoy this superb Entertainer who was ALSO a Magician, into the bargain.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka. 

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