Muscateers In Canada – Private Gathering By the Malay Fraternity on Friday July 21 2023 in Scarborough

 Muscateers In Canada – Private Gathering By the Malay Fraternity on Friday July 21 2023 in Scarborough



The former President of the Sri Lankan Malay Association of Toronto (SLAMAT) Ackiel Ousmand and his adorable Spouse the current President of SLAMAT Roshan Ousmand together with their Family Friends Indica Jainudeen & Natalie Jayasekera organized an impromptu Social Gathering on Friday July 21, 2023, for the Malay Fraternity to felicitate the visit of the Hussain Jayah & His Spouse Sabrina to Canada

Hussain was the Former Country Manager Oman of the Sri Lankan Airlines Muscat and visited Canada in November 2017. He sang at the Sri Lanka Malay Association of Toronto Dance as a Guest Artist where Yasmin De Silva, the former lead vocalist with the Sohan and the Experiments sang at the dinner dance.

Ackiel extended the invitation to some of Hussain’s friends from  Muscat to join the Private event.  The Muscateers were delighted to meet the Jayahs.   Some of his classmates from his Alma Mater D.S. Senanayake College, were also happy to meet and greet him.

Congratulations to the Ousmands & their vibrant Teammates Indica Jainudeen   & Natalie Jayasekera for meticulously planning this Shindig in just two days. It was a truly an amazing evening.

We have heard of Indica Jainudeen in the past, but only met her for the first time at  this event.. We have seen Natalie at many events in past but did not have as opportunity to chat with her.

The Cozy Venue, the Spade Bar & Grill, Great Ambience, Friendly Revelers, Good Food and Lively Entertainers made it a Fab & Lovely evening.

Hussain Jayah made it another cracking evening recalling the night he rocked the “The Land of The Royals” in 2017 with the Late Desmond De Silva.

The Revelers dancing their cares away was ample testimony that this evening was a memorable remember. Beyond Excellence  from start to finish.

Many are looking forward to his next visit as SLAMAT President Roshan Ousmand together with Azmin Shiraz, the Director Social Branch have set out the drawing board for the next “Super” Dinner Dance sometime in November 2024.

 Perry & Yas

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