Memories of Yore – By Noor Rahim

Memories of Yore – By Noor Rahim

Memories of Yore – By Noor Rahim




There I was sitting comfortably in my recliner

With my eyelids almost drooping and ready to close

When I got jolted out of my reverie

By the daunting “tick-tock” of the clock that did stir


Watched the seconds turn to minutes

And the minutes no doubt turns to hours; and the hours to days

The years too just slides away as only you know how

You wonder how they all passed without in as much as an adieu


Leaving behind memories of the yester year; in its’ journey

One can only re-live the past that went by, so quickly

Making one forlorn and submerged in past memories

With the deeds of yore, be it good or bad; and the aftermath worry


The good is always very easy to enjoy and savour

But the bad make some feel guilty of deeds of misdemeanours

Unfortunately one cannot go back in time to redeem & correct

And is unable to rectify the wrongs done and must repent


Let this be a lesson to all, on this important facet of life

That ones’ deeds of the past would be difficult to atone; & is gone

In most instances we live to regret, in remembrance

So, do make an effort to seek just solutions before it is too late


In life it is always never too late for action

If you have the intentions that are pristine and human

Forgiveness and goodwill should be ones’ prime concern

Dedication and sense of duty should allay fears that may surmount


Noor Rahim

September 15, 2021.

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