Lost Soul – Dilip Seneviratne – Piano Solo

Lost Soul – Dilip Seneviratne – Piano Solo


The tune for “Lost Soul” Initially came about in 1995, Inspired by a very special soul, gone too soon in the year 1994.

For whatever reason, I never got down to recording it at the time. I started off writing a few lines to the melody but it didn’t come off that good. I thought of humming the tune into a tape recorder in case I forgot the melody, but I didn’t need to, since the tune was stuck in my head.

I shelved the project for some time and several years later tried adding lyrics to the melody once again, but nothing good came out of it and I gave up on it. A couple of years ago while seated at the piano on one of my mood swings,

I started thumping this tune at the piano and then realized that this melody should only be instrumental. But I still never got down to recording it until the lockdown came along. And so here it is 21 years later I finally recorded it.

A Special Thank you to all who contributed to the making of this video, Thirdman, Anna Nekrashevich, Engin Akyurt, Lino Lallone, Karan Nanda, cottonbro, Lachlan Ross, Roman Odintsov, Marc Onana, Taryn Elliott, Tima Miroshnichenko, Cesar A Ramirez V Traphitho, Carlota Caldeira da Silva, Jorge Tapia, Zlatin Georgiev, ArtHouse Studio… … and a special Thank You to Arianna Seneviratne for the videography and Aaron Seneviratne who was behind the sound controls during the filming of this video.

Dilip Seneviratne

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