Sunil ThenabaduThe dictionary defines a multipotentiality person as someone with many facets or characteristics. It refers to an amalgamation of different features, parts, and perspectives to make an intricate whole. If we apply the same concept to an individual’s personality, multifaceted means someone who has many features, traits, skills, and talents. It describes people who have a diverse personality and has expertise in multiple areas. These people the saying goes as “ are the jack of all trades, but master of none’.This is how any person would describe Lahiru Mudalige who at this young age had successfully triumphed in many façades having reached to an unprecedented summit of fame. 

Mudalige Don Buddika Lahiru popularly known as Lahiru Mudalige was born on 5th April 1983 in Kandy to parent duo Upali Mudalige and Asoka Rathnaweera ,was educated initially at Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya subsequently for higher education at DS Senanayake College in Colombo.Lahiru need to be named as a multipotentiality person as he has excelled television host. journalist and personality, actor in cinema and television, video music director, social media personality, producer and a content creator having commenced his triumphant debut in year 2002 as a child artiste. 

Lahiru stormed to fame with dynamic television presentations of musical programs “Hithata Wadina Eka” and “Hada Radi Peya” in the Swarnavahini channel, then in the chat program “coffee with Lahiri and Muditha” a concept of Buddhika Kulasekera. The latter coffee program is still sustained by Muditha with a co presenter Ishi still continued to precision to which Lahiru imbedded the start. Apart from the above the supreme accomplishment Lahiru is the creator and owner of you tube channel ‘Hari TV’ pioneering in establishing the popular  ‘Talk Show” to which Lahiru himself for a period of approximately one hour interviews many popular artists in miscellaneous fields where questions are posed not usually asked in other such similar agendas like full name, birth of native village . This route by Lahiru has brought the concept of “Good Journalism on Social Media” to surface. ,Lahiru via this concept of his has introduced legacy media models on to social media platforms. This is program which many viewers stay in huge anticipation and enthusiasm to watch. 

About Lahiru’s earlier childhood days had performed at the ‘Kandurata” radio service at the tender age of seven years. Subsequently had joined “Lakhanda” and “Pavana “ radios.While still a young schoolboy at Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya had performed in the “Muthuhara” television program exploiting his innate skills though not affiliated to any hereditary family links.Lahiru with his innate aptitudes had more or less walked into the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation as a presenter in children’s program “Lama Pitiya”.After admitting to DS Senanayake College for his Advanced levels, with his already in born talent and media exposure had joined the College media Association. The authorities unanimously had appointed Lahiru as the ‘media presenter’ a well-merited post for his talent. Simultaneously Lahiru was trained at “Lakhanda Shilpa Yathra”.Immediately after his A/Levels Lahiru was unanimously selected as a ‘radio jockey” at Raja FM in year 2002 during which time Lahiru had met senior legendary journalist late Hema Nalin Karunaratne under whose pursuance led him to join the television channel “Swarnavahini” in year 2003.Was entrusted to be the presenter of “Kala Eli Madala” substituting the presenter Harindra Jayalal. Thereafter was elected to present the famous “Handa Radi Peya” from year 2004 through to year 2015 which made Lahiru a very popular presenter his name etched in the hearts of millions some even had opted to watch Swarnavahini predominantly during those hours when Lahiru was on air.Lahiru during this era at the peak of his celebrity in year 2008 introduced the day time outdoor musical shows to Sri Lanka via television. For Lahiru’s exuberance the management vehemently promoted him as “Manager Events promotion”.  

He is married to his longtime partner Sanduni de Silva, a Software Engineer.[5] The wedding was celebrated on October 29, 2017. 

In Year 2006, Lahiru made his maiden cinematic appearance in the film Sonduru Wasanthe” directed by Roy de Silva wher he portrayed a supportive role of ‘Mahesh’. Then in 2009, he made a cameo appearance in the blockbuster film  “Sir Last Chance” also directed by Roy de Silva. At the same time, he started to portray a role  in the television serial “Jeevithe Lassanai” directed by Ravindra Wijeratne. The serial later became a trademark in Sri Lankan teledrama industry in which Lahiru had uninterruptedly performed in all 500 episodes in the serial portraying the popular role ‘Kevin Benjamin’  

 In year 2010 Lahiru produced the reality show ‘Mega Star”. In 2012, he joined with the cast of popular television serial “Ruwan Maliga” In 2014, he made a supportive role of ‘Prashan’s friend’ in the blockbuster film Kosthapal Punyasoma directed by Udayakantha Warnasuriya.In year 2016 Lahiru with plans to go solo in the media field Lahiru resigned from the Swarnivahini after a tenure of fifteen long years where Lahiru prevailed triumphant. He commenced his own professional career beginning with the production of music videos independently thinking was a worthwhile endeavor. 

After his tenure in television, he started to contribute to music video advertising, entertainment, and various events on the Internet YouTube network which he found to be  lucrative ventures He is the founder and managing director of “Hari TV Pvt Ltd.”. This is a YouTube based multi-channel platform since July 2017. started with entertainment and advertising sectors, the channel was later expanded into political, social and economic talk-shows and interviews, the latter program becoming a sought-after program for television viewers. He has created more than 600 music videos for both novice and veteran artists, receiving several awards at Derana Music Video Awards. Inside Hari TV, Lahiru fashioned sub channels like Hari TV news, Hari TV music and Hari TV voice with over 700,000 subscriber bases. The channel is also broadcast on “Dialog MyTV” as a dedicated channel. In 2019, he started teledrama production, where he produced the television serial “Kanamediriyo” telecast on Independent Television Network 

He is married to his longtime partner Sanduni de Silva, a Software Engineer. The wedding was celebrated on October 29, 2017.The duo are blessed with a son still a toddler. Since 2019, Lahiru more involved as the presenter of the program “Standby With Lahiru.”. In 2020, he joined the cast of the television serial Api Ape. Lahiru along with his wife Sanduni, together they run a fashion line called “Colombo Batik”. Meanwhile, Hari TV was the lead producer of the International documentary production ‘The Shadow Pandemic’ involving Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Syria, Tunisia and Gambia.In a nutshell the television series’ and filmography in Lahiru’s career to date are Jeevithe Lassanai,Ruwan Malige,Malsara Geethaya,Ammawarune,Kanamediriyo ( producer),Api Ape,Sonduru Wasanthe, Sir Last Chance and Kosthapal Punyasoma. 

From the above it is obvious that Lahiru Mudalige is certainly a multipotentiality person well versed with so many media facets already conquered including his own innovative facades. All followers and fans of Lahiru would wish him more successes in his future career already blossomed, 

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