“IN A NUTSHELL” – by Des Kelly

“IN A NUTSHELL” – by Des Kelly


Famous American Actor Humphrey Bogart was born on Monday January 23rd 1899, died on January 14th 1957, aged just 57+.

However, Warner Brothers Pictures claimed that Bogart was born on Christmas day, 1899, in order to romanticize his background.

Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright & poet

(Oct.16th, 1854- Nov. 30th 1900),changed his birth year- 1856

Like his Character Dorian Gray, Wilde was vain about his personal appearance, and feared becoming old.

Top Country Music Star Merle Haggard, whose music sits somewhere on the moon today, had an older brother, Francis, with whom he had fallen out for a long period. This was a little too late, but soon after Francis passed away, Merle wrote a song dedicated to him, titled “Listening to the wind”

Merle sings this song, as only he can, and listening to the wind is an important lesson learned.


Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

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