Humanity – by Joe Paiva: Adelaide, Australia

Humanity – by Joe Paiva: Adelaide, Australia

Every single living person on this earth is a walking, traveling small temple, church or mosque.

When we gather in our local place of worship, home, a family gathering or in the community with a common purpose. It becomes one big Whole….. Power generator.

The energy reverberates, amplifies , recharges, radiates, echoes.

Case in point, is when the Sri Lanka depora gather in a sea of supporters, in a particular section of the MCG , to view Sri Lanka play Australia T20 or ODI encounters.

Or a game in Sri Lanka, Galle, when the people of Lanka come together, both genders, grandparents, children from all walks of life.

The energy and passion generated is unmatched. It is a celebration of life for the young and old. Irrespective of race, colour ethnicity, religious beliefs or political allegiance.

This systemic culture is a envy of many other nations.

Isn’t that life is all about.?
Isn’t that humanity!

Humanity – by Joe Paiva: Adelaide, Australia

Joe Paiva

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