“Honouring The Legend”…….Overwhelming Response

“Honouring The Legend”…….Overwhelming Respons

“Honouring The Legend”…….Overwhelming Response


The Impression Band Members, Different Marketing & Friends, Presenters of the event “Honouring The Legend Desmond De Silva” are overwhelmed with the response they have received to-date and the advanced reservations already made by friends & fans from interstate and overseas.

“We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations! We have planned a show that promises to be unforgettable. We will be reproducing the popular Desmond De Silva Dell Studio performance that with the amazing new arrangement by Mahesh Denipitiya, gave new life to popular Bailas that became like cult songs for Desmond. No performance was ever done without these popular hits. This performance will be recreated with Desmond in Hologram “performing” these hit tunes with a live band on stage. Besides this amazing performance being recreated, Senior Sri Lankan artistes will be present to perform in honour of the Legend.

To ensure all visas are processed in time for artistes who have expressed their desire to perform to arrive in time for rehearsals before the event, we have decided to reschedule the event to 11th February 2023 to coincide with the first anniversary of Desmond passing and cremation.

The rescheduled date is essential due to the issues in Sri Lanka impacting on the slow visa processing for all Sri Lankans by the Department of Home Affairs. Additionally, two artistes need their Passports renewed and the situation in Sri Lanka and number of people in the queue for new or renewed passport is unprecedented. As such the issue of new passports is taking up to 3 months.

The additional time gives the Presenters a chance to ensure that the event exceeds all expectations and is a tribute that the legend Desmond De Silva deserves and what he himself, a perfectionist, will be proud to endorse.

Date of Event : 11 th February 2023

Venue : Parravilla Function Centre

Time : 7.30 pm

Dress code : Evening Wear

Entrée/Main (Buffet) Desserts
Unlimited Beer/wine/soft drinks & Bottle of Scotch per table

Cost : $125 per person

Paperless Tickets issued October 15th 2022

Advanced Reservations Advised

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