FAO: 6.2 mn Lankans facing acute food insecurity

FAO: 6.2 mn Lankans facing acute food insecurity


Source : island

A record 6.2 million Sri Lankans are facing moderate acute food insecurity, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Monday in its response overview from June to December 2022.

FAO said that four in every 10 households experienced a reduction in their incomes, and that one in two households are currently relying on negative coping mechanisms to cope with the lack of food or money to buy it.

FAO said that 40 percent of Sri Lankans depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and that paddy production costs have increased by more than 100 percent in 2022.

FAO has said the supply of food in local markets is shrinking and that the window of opportunity to support Sri Lankan farmers and their communities is narrowly time bound.

The FAO said that it has mobilised 51.17 million U.S. dollars for its emergency and resilience interventions to be implemented during 2022/23.

The food inflation in the country is soaring, reaching 90 percent in July 2022, it said.

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