“COUNTRY ROYALTY” – by Des Kelly

“COUNTRY ROYALTY” – by Des Kelly

He died at 64 years of age, in 2002, after having suffered multiple complications of the dreaded diabetes, yet another cursed disease inflicted on humankind, and especially on those who have, what is called a “sweet-tooth”. Waylon Jennings, was first discovered by the Guitar-Genius Chet Atkins, who noticed this handsome young guy, singing and playing his special guitar, rock-style, at a Club, somewhere in the good old U.S.A.

Chet (Chester) Atkins, in my own humble opinion,is another member of Country Royalty in that, to me, he was undoubtedly the BEST Lead/Rhythm guitarist in the World, of his era, and few will argue that he continues to be the same as years go by. (R.I.P. Chet.)

To make a long story short, Chet Atkins teamed up with Waylon and really did help to make him a Country Star. Waylon made this change quite naturally, being who he was, had many female admirers, married a couple or three of them, and then had the added fortune of meeting Jessie Colter who was with him, loving him and looking after him until he passed away. (R.I.P. Waylon.)

Jessie Colter, a Queen of Country Music, in her own right, was firstly a Songwriter, played guitar and piano, and sang her love songs to Waylon, right down to his final concert, in a way that he would have had to realize that he was one lucky dude to have this very bright and beautiful “Star” singing love songs that she wrote especially for him. The song “Storms never last” was the one that prompted me to write this love story for all of our  e’Lanka readers. Personally, I have watched this particular clip a dozen or more times, and will continue to watch it as often as I get the chance. I feel certain that everyone who reads e’Lanka will agree with me. Many have recorded this song, but in my book, a most beautiful woman singing a love song to her man on-stage, at his final concert, is, by far, the most touching tribute to Waylon I have ever seen. Watch closely, and you will see that Waylon notices it too. We must not forget that Jessie wrote the song.

 To add to this story, a “dessert” if you like, are a couple or three Country Clips, involving Waylon Jennings, together with Willie Nelson performing something very different, plus Chet. Atkins together with Mark Knopfler, yet another superb guitarist doing an instrumental that will blow you away.

Incidentally, Willie Nelson and Mark Knopfler are still “with us” and hopefully, for much longer.

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Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka.

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