Canada eases travel advisory to Sri Lanka from ‘orange’ to ‘yellow’ risk level – By NESHELLA PERERA

Canada eases travel advisory to Sri Lanka from ‘orange’ to ‘yellow’ risk level – By NESHELLA PERERA

Canada eases travel advisory to Sri Lanka from ‘orange’ to ‘yellow’ risk level - By NESHELLA PERERA

Source : economynext

 Canada has eased a travel advisory to Sri Lanka, moving the crisis hit island into a new ‘yellow’ rank from the previous orange, indicating a decrease in overall risk.

However, the government of Canada has still cautioned against non-essential travel to the crisis-hit island nation.

[There is a] decrease in the overall risk level for Sri Lanka. Avoid non-essential travel to exercise a high degree of caution,” the travel advisory said.

A higher level of caution is being advised due to the country facing its worst economic crisis since independence, which has led to shortages of essentials, fuel, food and medicine that are being combatted through quotas and rations.

Canada’s government had earlier advised travellers on protests in Sri Lanka, stating that “even peaceful demonstrations can escalate quickly and turn violent at any time. They can also lead to disruptions to traffic and public transportation.” 

Sri Lanka’s main protest, the youth-led Aragalaya (the Struggle), ended last month on August 10 after newly appointed President Ranil Wickremesinghe imposed a state of emergency and police ordered protestors to leave the main agitation site in Colombo outside the presidential secretariat.

Sporadic protests have continued, however, against what activists claim is a government crackdown of peaceful protests.

Canada has advised Canadians in Sri Lanka to “keep supplies of food, water and fuel in case of lengthy disruptions and make sure to have sufficient supply of medicines as they may not be available.” 

The Canadian government has also warned its citizens that Sri Lanka has threats of terrorism and that further attacks cannot be ruled out. The last time Sri Lanka faced a terrorist attack was in April 2019.

“Inter-communal and religious tensions exist throughout the country and have led to violence. Further violent incidents could occur,” the statement added. However, ethnic tensions have been relatively low compared to previous times. 

Sri Lanka has yet to move to Canda’s green list as the economic crisis remains in the island. However, several European nations such as France, Switzerland, the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway have eased their travel advisories.

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