Big scene for father and daughter

Big scene for father and daughter

Big scene for father and daughter


The TNGlive platform, on social media, has certainly generated a lot of interest, among music lovers.

What’s more, it has brought to the surface hidden talent, especially among the Anglo-Indians, in India.

One of the big finds is the father and daughter duo of Nigel Galway and his daughter Lean.

Nigel is a chef, by profession, but the lockdowns, in India, got Nigel trying out his talents as a singer, and Lean decided to follow in the footsteps of her dad.

Says Lean:

“All thanks to dad for believing in me and making sure I don’t stay in a shell, and the love, and support, I get from the people all around, is amazing.”

Nigel and Lean also have their own scene going, aptly titled ‘The Singing Chef,’ and they already have 1000 followers.

To celebrate this milestone, they came up with a special programme that featured the duo doing a variety of hit songs, including ‘Perfect,’ ‘Storms Never Last,’ ‘Daniel,’ ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night,’ ‘Mysterious Girl,’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ among others.

You can checkout Nigel and Lean on TNGLive and The Singing Chef, on Facebook.

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