AN  HUMBLE APPEAL – Verbum TV – By Quintus Andradi

AN  HUMBLE APPEAL – Verbum TV – By Quintus Andradi

AN  HUMBLE APPEAL – Verbum TV – By Quintus Andradi

Most Sri Lankan Catholics for the past seven years have relied on VERBUM TV channel for their Spiritual growth.

VERBUM has also carried them through the current trouble times and the worst ever socio- economic and political crisis since Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948, and in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic which is again showing signs of an upsurge.

Through all this Verbum has laboured tirelessly, not only ensuring the Christian population is catered to their Spiritual needs, but also is finding the financial resources and wherewithal to plod through with extreme difficulty, for the sake of the people.

The time is nigh that we the congregation…, We the church, lend a hand to ensure that VERBUM can continue its uninterrupted yeoman services.

I would humbly urge anyone able to donate in what ever capacity possible to ensure, especially the elderly, weak and bedridden are brought the Word of God to their beside…my friends, IT WOULD BE A TREMENDOUS BLESSING.

Thank you and God bless you all

Quintus Andradi

A well wisher

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