Aitken Spence Travels welcomes inaugural flight of Red Wings Airlines from Russia to Mattala

Aitken Spence Travels welcomes inaugural flight of Red Wings Airlines from Russia to Mattala

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Aitken Spence Travels welcomed the inaugural charter flight from Red Wings Airlines, a Russian regional leisure airline, which arrived at the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MIRA) on Thursday. The flight carried 400 holiday makers on board a Boeing 777 which is a long-range wide-body aircraft that was the first of its type to land at the southern airport in 2022. The airline will be operating two flights per week for four months from Moscow to Sri Lanka till end April 2023, an Aitken Spence new release said.

It said they were offering excursions to showcase the splendour of Sri Lanka with many excursions focusing on the southern coastal belt areas of Hambantota – Kalutara as well as other non-coastal areas covering the country. The excursions are designed to enable and enhance opportunities for the tourism stakeholders of domestic suppliers and partners around the island.

Ms. Stasshani Jayawardena, Director Aitken Spence PLC and Head of Tourism and Leisure Sector of the diversified conglomerate commented about the flight saying ‘Making meaningful contributions to the development of our country through tourism is a priority for Aitken Spence and we are excited by the strategic interventions taken by Aitken Spence Travels that would undoubtedly put Sri Lanka on the map for many tourists for years to come.

“Our teams in the sector not only enhance economic opportunities by these targeted interventions but build the industry through specific engagements with local suppliers in the industry. We feel blessed to bid adieu to 2022 and commence 2023 on a positive note”.

Aitken Spence Travels has been at the forefront of marketing destination ‘Sri Lanka’ and Russia has always been one of the key source markets to Sri Lanka as well as for the company, the release added.

“Despite the current situation in Russia, the company continued to maintain its strong relationships with its agents and tour operators always reassuring the safety and comfort of visitors. Russian holiday makers have always been bold and enthusiastic when taking a holiday and the island paradise of Sri Lanka has had a way of making a place in their hearts. The company will take a lead in the visitor seats from ‘Sun and Fun’ tour operator for the inaugural flight and will be sharing the seats subsequently with Anex tours,” the release said.

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