The Man from Moratuwa, my friend Priya Peiris keeps on, keeping on, with his famous band, the La-Bambas, who still get together, I believe, to have what we musicians term a “Jam-Session”, now and again. With all the unfortunate “goings-on” over there, at the moment, I do know that these meetings of the La-Bambas would now be down to a minimum, but this does not stop this guy from doing what he loves to do, and I have decided to “showcase” him, both solo, and also in a group of other Moratuwa Maestro’s with a double-shot at what they do, best.

I have not seen the “Keeping up with the Joneses song, but did hear Priya’s solo on “The bliss of a kiss”.

Of one thing, I am certain. Anybody wanting to do a “cover” of this song, will have to be cold-sober when recording it. Priya has it most choc-a-bloc with lyrics making it a most difficult song to sing. Anyway, I congratulate both Priya and his mates from Moratuwa for doing the Music thing, keeping in mind that I too, started my Showbiz career in that little Suburb.

Rather than try to find both songs on an ipad that is playing up, ATM.,

I will be asking Priya to forward the links to both songs directly to our famous website e’ Lanka, for the publicity they truly deserve.



Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’ Lanka.

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