A Mother’s “Never Ending” Daily Routine – Noor Rahim

A Mother’s “Never Ending” Daily Routine – Noor Rahim


Always remember your Mother in every loving way

Not only on the designated day alone – called “Mothers’ Day”

For a Mother that conceived you and carried you all the way

Enabling you, to one day, see the light of the day


The value of a Mother is more than one can weigh

For hers is always a day that requires to be “on her feet” all day

Encountering the day to day with chores that come into play

Some routine and others unexpectedly, as is always the way


A Mother who wakes up long before anyone

Preparing for the day by making your tea and breakfast

While you are still in bed; and doing your yawning routine

Then seeing you off to work/school at the door with blessings bestowed


The work doesn’t end; as she returns to continue her chores

With the myriad household work that keeps her busy in every way

It is her full time job; and not a part-time one is what one can say

As she eagerly awaits your return with tea-time eats; and dinner for sure


Her job never ceases or reaches completion

Until it is time for the household to hit the sack in slumber-time

But she does continue in the “after dinner” clean up routine

Finally to return to her room for a well-earned rest & recuperation


Always keep your Mother foremost in your thoughts &minds

For she gives you more than you can imagine

With sacrifices in silence that cannot be weighed and has no comparison

But can only be repaid in appreciation and love that is beyond define


 Noor Rahim                                                                   21 April 2022

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