A migrant’s story – By Ron Pieris

A migrant’s story – By Ron Pieris

A migrant’s story – By Ron Pieris


I was preparing to migrate to Sydney from Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1974. I was invited to a home in Moratuwa for a meal. I remember it was a sunny day in the summer of ‘74. I took a bus from Bambalapitiya to Moratuwa and walked down to my friend’s home.

I was greeted at the entrance by his wife and children who warmly welcomed me.

After a bit of small talk, I was requested to move to the dining room. This was a Sinhalese family from the provinces.

I noticed that on the dining table was placed a bowl of rice with a saucer for serving and three vegetable curries, and on the centre of the table was placed a single egg. We all served food onto our plates. And all of those present were staring at the egg! I was confused. Then they said please take the egg, it is for you. So, I finished the lovely meal and left well satisfied!

I have eaten in street markets and at high class restaurants in Jakarta, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam. Thailand, The Philippines, India, China, Taiwan, Canada, USA and in Australia.

But the finest meal I have ever eaten in my life was on the sunny day in Ceylon in 1974 at the humble home of that family.

I know that I will never find a finer meal  or better hosts than that.

Ron Pieres

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