A Heartfelt Thank You Note For My Father-by Vihara Kannangara

A Heartfelt Thank You Note For My Father-by Vihara Kannangara

Source:Brisbane 4EB Sri Lankan Newsletter – Dæhæna – September 2021

A father is someone who is always there for his children. Someone who helps them grow up, nurture them and challenges them to become better people, not only in educational aspect, but in a moral aspect as well. These are some of the few traits which makes a wonderful father.

My brother and I are truly blessed because our father has these values within him. He was there for us since the day we set foot on this
world. He gave us nothing but unconditional love. One of my favourite memories with my father was how my brother and I made snow men with him a long time ago. I remember we created three snowmen. After making the first snowman we decided to create a woman and a child as well. My brother kept his plastic hat after the first snowman was made. My brother couldn’t roll the snowball by himself as it became bigger since he was too little and my father helped him with the rolling. As for the woman, we managed to insert some sticks behind the head. Reminiscing these small moments with him never fails to make me happy.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for him. We were provided with everything we needed such as respect, guidance and education. He has been a huge support even during my time in the university. Most importantly, he has given me happiness. I love my thaththa. I’ll forever be grateful. Happy Father’s Day!

Vihara Kannangara
Vihara is a student at the Queensland University of Technology following a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. She enjoys music, reading and star gazing

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