Chandika a veteran actor in Teledrama and films a heartthrob of fans at peak of fame – By Sunil Thenabadu

Chandika a veteran actor in Teledrama and films a heartthrob of fans at peak of fame – By Sunil Thenabadu




sunil thenabaduOne of the utmost universal qualities of successful professional working actors is that they play well with co-actors and they’re able to make sincere links with everyone on set. They’re truly upright people, passionate, purpose driven and dedicated. Such an inimitable actor who had conquered the small and silver screen with flawless extravagance for nearly two decades is pleasing  Chandika Nanayakkara. However, over his acting aptitudes he is hailed by many as a superlative human being who is enthusiastically tangled in social activities, predominantly targeting the destitute. Chandika during a visit to Brisbane had been in contact with the Lions Club of Brisbane negotiated to receive a huge number of reading glasses to be distributed free among the destitute in remote villages.  

 Natural charisma is one of the surface qualities projected of amiable and energetic Chandika in performing his portrayals. Having identified his talent and pleasing looks before long in his acting career, he was fortunate to be offered to portray a role in “Mother Theresa”an unique prospect to act opposite Oscar winning international actress Geraldine Chaplin daughter of illustrious Charlie Chaplin. This opportunity, Chandika hails vastly at which he had faced a filmic camera only for the first time. He was also nominated to portray the role of Pakistani soldier in the film based on the novel “Midnight’s Babies” directed by Deepa Mehta in the year 2011.All such sporadic opportunities encouraged him to pursue his career as a film actor.  

The native village of Chandika is Opanayake in Pelmadulla in Ratnapuradistrict. After his triumph in the scholarship examination had entered Pelmadulla, Gankandanational school .His father’s wish the Deputy Principal was to make Chandika a doctor having studied in the Bio stream. It is pertinent to quote that Chandika despite been a Bio student had won an award for essay writing in school. But fate was in broad contrast with Chandika cherished acting and theatre. It is testified that during weekends the school authorities had been in the habit of staging popular Sinhalese stage plays like Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra’s “Maname”,”Sinhabahu”,Henry Jayasena’s “Hunuwataye kathawa”,Jayasekera Aponso’s “Pathalaye Soldaduwo”,”Thatu”etc. His father as the Deputy Principal had encouraged young Chandika to watch these live dramas.  

It is reported that Chandika has had a knack for acting as he had portrayed roles reproducing “Veera PuranAppu”,”Robin Hood” type scripts. This was an utter premonition of his future deeds. The initial opportunity to penetrate the field he adored was when his friend Sunil knowing of his affiliations to theatre had told him about the “Tharumansala” program originated by “Sirasa” in the hunt for young talent. It is his friend who had sent his photograph and the application for participation, where each applicant had to face a screen test, test for dialogue delivery, how to face a camera and other basic requisites for acting. Chandika had shone and crowned with splendor in these tests to be elected straightforwardly in the initial batch. Chandika possesses a wide range in his acting affinity had portrayed his first role in Sirasa production of tele drama “HiminethaHandakata”.But this tele drama was telecasted only after a few others were telecast. It is learnt that Chandika had been chosen as a Judge in Sirasa’s “Tharumansala” after five years where he had been nominated as a panel Judge adjudicating a fleet of new actors and actresses who have now made names in this field. Chandika had also participated in MahendraPerera’s workshops in year 2002 /2003 uninterruptedly to enhance his familiarity, travelling from Pelmadulla daily. Mahendra had quipped that he had been the most punctual student in that batch. Chandika in order to enhance his skill to portray any role entrusted on him had even undergone a course in diverse aspects of acting for six months in India. It is reliably understood that he is still in the learning arc. Chandika has been awarded the  “up and coming actor” in year 2008 and in years 2009 and 2010 the “most popular actor” in Sumathi awards which undoubtedly had stimulated him.  

Chandika had in addition to the two international films had acted in many films like “ HatharadenamaSurayo”in 2008, “ Sara” in year 2010,“Wassane Sihinaya” in 2012,” Bawatharana” in year 2018.  

 Since producing his first tele drama “Suba Sihina” telecast on ITN in year 2006 passionate and charismatic actor Chandika Nanayakkara  released his new tele drama “Haratha Hera”two years ago telecast over ITN on weekends. To date Chandika has acted in nearly one hundred tele dramas. There had been occasions when six of his tele dramas were telecast on a single day in the two state channels and the Swarnavahini viz, “Minikirana”, “Susumaka Ma”,”Thodu”,”Kumee” and ” Click”. The massive impetus assembled in him had induced him for producing “Haratha Hera” .The script alone is engrossing deviating from the traditional themes would be spellbinding for viewers starring himself with many star studded veteran artistes Buddhadasa Withanachchi,Janak Premalal and Meena Kumari. 

Chandika  through a sought-after actor but has not forgotten his humble beginnings as he visits his village whenever time permits to relish the “fauna and flora” and the bizarre locations. The path to further enhance his acting skills has now been firmly laid  and proved, it is now a walk in the park for talented Chandika with his pleasing personality, to further prove his grit.The fervent wish of all followers of art and theatre in Sri Lanka would be for this “sonduruminisa” Chandika Nanayakkara to reach the zenith in his preferred field.  


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