100% Organic Nutritious Vegetables from Your Garden To Your Home

100% Organic Nutritious Vegetables from Your Garden To Your Home

Easy to Make, But Difficult to Eat Why ? If You eat Straight from The Instant Pot as Soon as it is Made Without a Plate, You may Burn Your Tongue. Yes it is True. Last Video is my favorite Mutton Biryani But Very Complex with Too Many Items Going in. If Your Tongue is falling Out from the Mouth, by Just Looking at, Please Do Not Call Me. However, If You Make Biryani by Accident or Even by Mistake, Please Let me Know to Come and Check, You Made it Right

100% Organic Nutritious Vegetables from

Your Garden To Your Home

To Stay Healthy & Energetic All Day

Every Vegetable You See Below I have Germinated From the Seeds and Grown in My Garden at Home. I will Never Write Something, I Can Not Do. If I Can Do it, Yes Anyone Can Do it. I am sharing with you. Please Listen to Every Video to Learn from the Experts.

I did learn How to Grow all the Vegetables at Home Listening to the Videos sent herein. Please listen, Not Once or Twice, but many times as I did listen multiple times again and again. 


මුකුණුවැන්න බදුනක වගාකරමු Let’s cultivate Mukunuwenna in a pot,ගෙවතු වගාව ,gewathu wagawa





නිවිති Asian Spinach

තක්කාලි Tomato

තක්කාලි වගාව කාබනිකව බීජ සිටවිමේසිට අස්වැන්න නෙලනතෙක්ම How to grow Tomatoes pods

Ideas for Fun

Enjoy the Nature

Please Share with others

Please Share with Others

Let Many People Know Anyone Can Do it

කරුණාකර අන් අය සමඟ බෙදා ගන්න

ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට එය කළ හැකි බව බොහෝ දෙනෙකුට දන්වන්න

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